Are You Killing It or is It Killing You?


It always cracks me up when I read posts from men on Facebook or Twitter talking about their workout. They always say things like, “Just did chest and triceps. Killed it.” Or they use hashtags like #uberbeast #beastmode #IOwnTheGym.

Today my trainer had me do a cardio routine from hell with a ton of plyometric moves in between, and as I went to Tweet about it, I was like, what’s the opposite of “killed it”? #Ironic? #CardioKickedMyAss?

But I was not the only one in the gym dying a slow death today. There were at least 8 other people there. New Year’s Eve it was mobbed and today, January 2nd…not so much. In fairness though, the weather was not cooperating. It was 37 degrees and raining.  (I wonder if it’s easier for people on the other side of the world to keep their fitness resolutions, since it’s summertime?)best-versions-of-ourselves-resolution-funny-ecard-DmI

Anyway, yesterday marked 9 weeks out till the Arnold Amateur. I’m getting nervous because I started at a huge disadvantage since I hadn’t worked out and eaten clean consistently since June.  It’s my own fault, obviously, so I’m kicking my own ass now (in addition to the cardio assault.)

Usually at the 12 week countdown point I weigh about 115 lbs. and get between 100-104 lbs. on show day. This time I started out at 135 lbs. The upside to being heavier is that I can also lift heavier weights now. The downside is that I’m freaking out over my weight.

So the weird thing is that I’m already into my skinniest skinny jeans (yay!) but my weight has been stuck at 128 lbs. for two weeks now, which is honestly messing with my head. My trainer, Robin, is giving me my new meal plan tomorrow, so that will be good.

If I had a crystal ball and could look into the future, Ima guess my 9 week meal plan is going to have lots of tilapia and egg whites. Yum?   #DoItForArnold


How about you? Are you killing it or is your workout killing you today?

Lisa ;)

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