One down, one to go!

Yesterday we videoed my audition for the Novice division of the Capital of Texas Aerial Championships.  Novice means it has to be on a static pole, at least 2 minutes in length with 25 seconds of continuous floor work, and cannot include any inverted moves (where you are upside down.)

Learning how to do a pole invert.
Learning how to do a pole invert.

You can tell I’m not a dancer by nature.  I’m definitely thinking about the moves and the counts.  But so what?  It’s the novice division!  It was a lot of fun and I think it will help me with my fitness competition in July.

Next Sunday we film the Masters division.  This division must include an aerial inversion (meaning you are already off the ground when you flip over) plus six compulsory moves, some of which must be on a spinning pole.  Now the tricky little thing about the Masters division is that it is only grouped by age, not by skill level.  So that means even though I’ve only been doing this for five months and am at a Level 2, I will be compared against other women who are the same age, but may be Level 5.  (For your reference, Level 5 dancers can do all the crazy stuff you see at Cirque du Soleil, like dropping 4 feet and stopping an inch from the ground.)

The submission videos for both are due next Sunday.  If I can figure out how to get the video off my phone and into  YouTube I will post them next week.

And then I will officially be done with my first: OMG I’m 40, Let’s Do Something Crazy, New Year’s Resolutions.  (#1 – Enter a pole dancing competition.) Yay!  Next goals:  #2 – Enter a fitness competition in July, #3 – Do stand up comedy at a local amateur night.

Straddle hold with kids
Practicing straddle hold with kids

Side note – I’m not doing the Shredder in April.  My trainer, Mel, convinced me that it’s not healthy to do so many back-to-back competitions, especially since one of my main goals is to do the fitness competition, which I need a lot of strength for.  Makes sense.  So I will probably do a figure/bikini competition in October or November to give my body a break.  Thanks, Mel!

How about you?  How are you doing on your Resolutions?  (If you’re sticking to them – great!  If you gave up, why not give them another try?)

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  1. Seeing the last photo here on your post, make me go “WOW”. You have accumulated a lot of strength and skill over the last couple of weeks. Freakin well done Lisa. You’re doing awesome!

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