Surviving the Big Easy

What do you call a person who goes to New Orleans, drinks like a fish, parties like a rock star, eats whatever she wants, and doesn’t gain weight or get a hangover?  Twenty.

Bourbon Street - French Quarter
Bourbon Street – French Quarter

I, on the other hand, turned forty, which means I partied like an accountant.  Actually, we traveled with my BFF, Regina, and her husband, Payman, and they were both pretty impressed I made it till almost 2 a.m. the one night we did go clubbing.  So while not achieving rock star status, I at least rivaled contestants from season 4 American Idol status, right?

Drinking buddies - Regina, Henri, Lisa and Payman
Drinking buddies – Regina, Henri, Lisa and Payman

Mostly we just had a really good time.  We did a ghost tour (followed by drinking,) saw a voodoo priestess’ grave site,

Voodoo priestess gravesite
Voodoo priestess gravesite

visited the Oak Alley Plantation thinking it was where they filmed Gone With The Wind (oops – wrong, but still fun,)

Oak Alley Plantation
Oak Alley Plantation

got into the Marti Gras spirit,

Marti Gras decorations
Marti Gras decorations

got a massage, tried on some masks, Maskate fabulous Cajun cuisine

Shrimp - Henri's meal

including (but not limited to) alligator nuggets (tastes like chicken clams,)

Fried alligator
Fried alligator

and got our palms read by a psychic named Nicolette on a foggy night.  (The fog makes it more accurate.)

"I see lots of tilapia, green beans and brown rice in your future..."
“I see lots of tilapia, green beans and brown rice in your future…”

I even fit in a workout.  Yay!  Fitness Center

Now I’m home and back to my meal plan and exercise split.  I’m happy to report I’m wearing the same pant size after the trip as before, so that alone is a great birthday gift!  Vacations are nice, but so is coming home.

How about you?  Have you ever been to New Orleans before?

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6 thoughts on “Surviving the Big Easy

  1. Hehe alligator… clams is a good likening. I annoy the boyfriend to no end when I remind him “I ate ‘gator… I’m hardcore”. (Not a fan)

    Good work on staying out til 2 for the clubbing though – I’m 25 and struggle to stay out ’til midnight (and I didn’t even TRY to go clubbing in New Orleans).

    Happy 40th – living proof that age is just a number 😉

    1. Thanks! When we went clubbing we run into two twenty-something girls – one was from Australia and the other New Zealand – and I thought of you and your trip to America last year. 🙂

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