Changed My Thinking

40This Sunday, February 2, millions of people will be celebrating my 40th birthday The Super Bowl.  I’ve been feeling rather bummed all week because while tons of people will be drinking in honor of their football team, I will be drinking because who wants to face her 40th birthday sober, right?

“It’s just a number, Lisa,” said my friend/client, Audrey.  True, but I think we can all agree that 25 is a way funner “number” than 40.  That said, I was pretty bummed when I turned 25 too, ’cause, you know, 25 is almost 30, and that’s old.

Of course, when I was 25, I was single, broke, and trying to sort out my life.  At 40, I’m married to my soul mate with two awesome kids, we just hired our first full-time employee for our company, and I’m in the best shape of my life.  Hell, I do bikini competitions and took up pole dancing!  What am I bummed about?  40 is awesome!

Plus, I just got myself birthday Botox, something I could not afford at 25.  Oh sure, I didn’t need Botox at 25, but that’s not the point.  The point is, I’m going to celebrate the end of my 30’s in style.  My brother is flying in from New Jersey tonight to watch the kids and Henri and I are flying to New Orleans with my BFF, Regina, and her husband to give this decade the proper send off it deserves.  That’s right.  Party like you’re 39.

Side note:   This is the first trip my husband and I took without the kids in four years, so say a little prayer I don’t come home with an “oops” baby.  I hear that happens to women who turn 40.

Does age matter to you?

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6 thoughts on “Changed My Thinking

  1. I sometimes forget how old I am.. to me it’s just a number.. of course I may think differently as I approach the 4-0. But I definitely have more now (approaching 40) than I did when I was 25. Hehe.. an “oops” baby… love it!!

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