Mid-Month Sugar Status

The first half of January, I’m incredibly grouchy because that’s when I get back to eating clean in earnest and my body goes through sugar withdrawal from all those Christmas cookies.  The first two weeks I tend to crave sugar even more than I did before Christmas, if that is even possible.


Well, according to Kathy Freston’s book, The Lean, sugar on your tongue releases opiates in your brain, which in turn release that feel-good chemical dopamine.  She said it takes about a week for your body to recover when you stop adding sugar to your meals.

Week, smeek!   It was more like 10 days for me.  But I already feel better (more energy, calmer) and know for a fact that my cravings are reduced because my husband was sitting next to me eating Oreo cookies the other night and I didn’t even ask for one.  (Full disclosure here:  after he ate like six (6) of them, I did ask him to either put the bag away or eat in another room.  I’m not Superwoman.)

But returning to the sugar-free lifestyle is paying dividends;  my jeans are fitting better overall, and I’m able to go back a notch on my belt around my waist.  Yahoo!  So if you too are struggling with giving up sugar, hang in there!  If I can survive you can too 🙂

Goodbye, sugar!
Goodbye, sugar!

How about you?  If eating healthier was/is one of your New Year’s Resolutions, how is it going?  If you fell off track, what steps will you take to get back towards your goals?

Lisa ;)

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  1. Whoo-hoo! So happy for you. Your hard work with eating well is paying off 🙂
    Mine as well. See that the more clean I eat, the more my clothes fit loser.

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