Did He Just Call Me a Chicken?

A lot of times I write my little blog posts and forget that people other than my friends and family read them too.  (Ah, the internet!)  Well, remember how I wrote that one of last year’s resolutions was to do a Spartan Run, but I totally chickened out because those people are crazy?Spartan Mud

Well guess who contacted me?  The Spartan Run people!  They politely dared me to do the race and said they would waive my entrance fee if I didn’t chicken out this time and blogged about it.

So like any good scaredy cat, I said I would do it if my teammates from Mel’s Machines did it with me.  Well, those women are hardcore insane athletes, so of course they’re in, and several husbands and boyfriends are interested too (including my husband, Henri,) and now…I guess I’m doing my first mud run.  Yay?

Spartan T-shirt

And for any of you readers out there considering the Spartan Run, the promoters were nice enough to give you this special code for…

15% off the admission price for ANY 2014 Spartan Race in the continental US!  Here is the code:   http://bit.ly/spartanwarrior

The Austin Super Spartan can be done on Saturday, May 17 or Sunday, May 18.  (We are going on Saturday, May 17.)  The race goes in waves of 200 at a time; you find out your start time a few days before the event.   The race is an eight mile run with about 20 obstacles in between.  And it involves lots and lots of mud.

There is also a Junior Spartan Race for kids ages 4-13 that is about 1/2 mile long and starts at noon.  I think my kids are going to love this.Spartan Rope Climb

For more information, click here:  Spartan Race.

Hope to see you on the muddy field next to me.  Hey – have you ever done a mud run before?  If so, how did you train for it?


Lisa ;)

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