Pop Quiz: Straddle Hold

This is what a straddle hold is supposed to look like:

Liza Lozano - straddle hold
Liza Lozano, Fitness Winner 2013 Texas State Naturals- straddle hold

Pop Quiz – Straddle Hold

This quiz is in essay format.  Feel free to answer any of the questions below:

  1. Why do straddle holds suck so bad?
  2. The NPC fitness division rules list this as a “mandatory” move.  Define “mandatory”…
  3. How is it that gymnasts and fitness competitors can do this thing without breaking a sweat?  What, do they put magic pixie dust on their Wheaties or something?  (And where can I get this?)
  4. Seriously, define “mandatory”.  What if I just sit on the floor and lift up my feet?  I mean, are the judges gonna even notice?  Really?
  5. Why did I think this whole “fitness division” thing was a good idea?

Your thoughts?

Lisa ;)

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4 thoughts on “Pop Quiz: Straddle Hold

  1. Practice makes perfect! I am proud of you for setting this goal. You need a sword so don’t go and get disqualified by not meeting the mandatory move. Summon your inner ninja.

  2. Try it all three ways- both hands in front, both hands behind, and one in front/one behind. Also, try doing it with your legs a little closer together. If your hip flexibility is still in the works, that will help. Do V-Ups (20 legs together in pike position and 20 in straddle position. That will get your hip flexers stronger and train the muscles you need to hold it. Have someone spot you by giving you just a touch of support under your heels while you get the feel for it.

    Hope this helps! If it’s hard to visualize, I can send you video of how to practice those drills.

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