Tatum Joines – Teen Figure Winner

Tatum Joines
Tatum Joines

Tatum Joines is seventeen years old, but you would never know it.  She speaks with the maturity of someone in her mid-twenties.  Also, her muscularity is impressive for a woman of any age.

I interviewed her after she won 1st place in the Teen Figure Division at the Texas State Natural Championships this past weekend.

Lisa:  “Congratulations, Tatum.  You did a great job.  How old are you?”

Tatum:  “I’m seventeen.”

Lisa: “Do you go to school?”

Tatum: “Yes, Vandergrift High School.”

Lisa: “You have great muscularity.  How long have you been training?  Do you do other sports besides bodybuilding?”

Tatum: “I’ve been training for seven months.  I also run track and field.”

Lisa: “Your parents must be proud.  Are they supportive?”

Tatum:  (She looks away.)  “Well, my parents support my training.  They think it’s a little weird to see me posing in my bikini.”

Lisa: “I understand that, from a mother’s perspective.  Even from an adult perspective, the posing suits can be pretty small.  Bikini aside, is bodybuilding something you would recommend to other teens?”

Tatum: “Definitely.  It is entirely obtainable in a way that is enjoyable.”

Onstage during pre-judging
Onstage during pre-judging

Lisa: “Please explain what you mean by that.”

Tatum: “Anyone can lift;  you don’t have to starve yourself; and you can have fun.”

Lisa: (I laugh.) “Now tell that to some of the adult women backstage!  Do you think you will do another competition?”

Tatum: “Yes.”

Lisa: “Well, I think you have a very promising future.  Thanks for speaking with me, and congratulations again.”

Tatum: “Thank you.”

She was very poised and engaging in person, and had strong stage presence as well.  If she is the future of women’s bodybuilding, the future is in capable hands.

Lisa ;)

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