Want a Fun Spin Class?

Last night I went to a spin class at CYC Fitness and it was so much fun!  I think what made it fun is that my friend, Adrienne Humphries, was the instructor.  I met Adrienne earlier this year when we both started training together on Mel’s Machines for the Adela Classic.  She did the bikini division.  Let me telly you:  Girlfriend’s got swagger.  Here’s a quick pic with Adrienne (blonde) and another teammate, Amberly (redhead):

Adrienne and Amberly
Adrienne and Amberly

After the competition she was hired to start teaching spin classes.  Katie and Brooke from the team and I went to the class last night, and it was a full house.  Not having done a cycling class in years, it took me a bit to figure out how to click on the shoes, but once in, what a ride!  She was doing hills and had us bouncing up and down off the seat like a Jack-in-the-Box.  She even had us use light weights to do some boxing moves, which is something I’ve never done in a spin class before.

If you’re looking to burn 500+ calories and have a really good time, check her out.  Her next class is Tuesday, October 15, 2013 at 7:45 p.m.

  • CYC Fitness
  • 715 W. 23rd Street, Austin, TX 78705-5149
  • For more information, check their website:  www.cycfitness.com

How about you?  Do you prefer spin class or outdoor cycling?

Lisa ;)

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  1. I love spin. I used to go every week, but I started to lose too much weight. Classes were intense and I was burning a lot of calories. It’s a great workout, but now I must hang up my spin shoes.

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