Weekend Update

How’s your weekend going?  Mine was filled with craziness:  Date night, baby shower, muscle spasm, pirate and princess birthday parties and a smack down at bootycamp.

Date Night

Remember how the other day I wrote that having two cheat meals per week in my meal plan was freaking me out?  Well, I’m happy to report I have made peace with this.  I LOVE CHEAT MEALS!!!!!  We went to a restaurant.  I had the lobster bisque I had been jonesing for.

Lobster bisque
Lobster bisque

Plus a giant margarita with salt.

Lisa with margarita
Lisa with margarita

and then Henri and I split a pound of crab legs.  Yes!

Henri with crab leg dinner
Henri at dinner

Then we went Halloween shopping.


Muscle Spasm

Went to my chair tease class Saturday morning and before the class even started I stood up from the chair and pulled my neck.  I have no idea how standing up causes a muscle spasm, but nothing says “sexy” like grabbing your neck and shoulder and saying “ouch”.  Instead I made an impromptu trip to the chiropractor, who laughed at me as he cracked my spine in half.

Pirate & Princess Party

In my family we divide an conquer.  Henri took the kids to their birthday parties so I could go to Ashley’s baby shower.

Little Henry and Rylee at the pirate and princess party
Little Henry and Rylee at the pirate and princess party

Ashley’s Baby Shower

Ashley looked beautiful in her white gown and there were lots of oohs and aaahhs over the baby clothes (she’s having a girl.) Here’s a pic of Mel’s Baby Making Machines.  (From left:  Tiffany (aka Mama T), Candice with baby Claire, Mel and Ashley.)

Mel's Baby Making Machines
Mel’s Baby Making Machines

I also gave her a gift card and a copy of the book I wrote and illustrated, “Mind Your Manners Minnie Monster!” (This delightful book could be yours too for just $8.95!  You can buy it by clicking here: Amazon.com, or send me an email…)

Did I mention it won a Mom's Choice Award?
Did I mention it won a Mom’s Choice Award?

But now onto important stuff:  The food!  Oh sure, she offered fruits and vegetable platters, but where’s the fun in that?

Fruit?  Nah...
Fruit? Nah…

My off-season status means I’m allowed to eat the things that the girls on show-prep are not allowed to eat.  Now, normally I have a ton of self-restraint and would avoid those chocolate balls of deliciousness, but I had to take one for the team, didn’t I?  The funniest thing was after I bit it Amy Day came up to smell it to see what the ingredients were.  (They were chocolate covered banana bread balls, fyi.)

Chocolate balls of deliciousness
Chocolate balls of deliciousness

Two hours into it and NO ONE had eaten a cupcake!?!  How is that even possible???  Again, I was willing to make the sacrifice – yes, I was the first one to eat the cupcakes, and they were awesome!

Cupcake tower of happiness
Cupcake tower of happiness

Here are some of the girls from the team.  Sam and Kelly are sisters.

Some of the Machines.  From left (Lisa, Tiffany, Candice, Mel, Ashley, Sam and Kelly.)
Some of the Machines. From left: Lisa, Tiffany, Candice, Mel, Ashley, Sam and Kelly.

Group pic (we all pretended to be pregnant.)  Before I left I said to Mel, “See you tomorrow, at booty camp, right?”

Booty Camp Smackdown

Last night was the season opener for SNL and the host was Tina Fey, so I HAD to stay up to watch it, even though I was dead tired.  During the commercials I practiced my stretches for side splits.  The dance teacher told me if I do 15 minutes of stretching per day I would be able to do full side splits in 6 weeks…

Booty camp starts at 9 a.m.  So around 9:10 a.m. (when I woke up) I sent Mel a text, “Is there booty camp today?”  I was crossing my fingers and hoping that the rain would shut it down.  Unfortunately, the rain stopped yesterday, so that was not in my favor.  “Of course,” she wrote back.  Damn.

I show up about half an hour late and we’re doing circuit training from Hell.  Pop squats, walking lunges, incline sit ups, burpees and running sprints on the treadmill.  So Cassie is asking me questions about how my surgery went and I’m showing her the scar when Mel yells out, “YOU SHOULDN’T BE ABLE TO TALK IF YOU’RE SPRINTING!” 

Damn, I’ve been served.

So I’m running at a level 9 and after the minute sprint we rotate stations and everyone starts saying, “Oooh!  You got in trouble!!!” and Dana says, “Aren’t you glad you woke up for booty camp?”  I laugh and we repeat the circuit, no kidding, four times.

Cassie says, “At least we’re ending on the burpees.”  OK, when the consolation prize is ending on burpees you know the workout is crazy tough.  Oh well, I needed to burn off the cupcakes. 😉

How about you?  How’s your weekend?

Lisa ;)

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  1. Sounds like a fun weekend! Cheat meals are great, though lately I’m reserving mine for the social occasions because this seems to be the season for more of them. Those cupcakes and chocolate balls look yummy! Speaking of chocolate balls, I am planning to catch up on that SNL episode tonight on Hulu. :p

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