Lululemon Sheer Yoga Pants Back

The ‘Sheergate’ story is back.  Fitness outfitter Lululemon Athletica Inc. is re-releasing the black luon yoga pants pulled from the racks earlier this season for being see-through.  The original mishap was pretty problematic for the company, as pants accounted for 17% of their total sales, according to the LA Times.  (Here is the story to refresh your memory:  Quick!  Cover Your Downward Facing Dog!)

yoga pants

Fear not yoga enthusiasts!  The company has added extra material over the bum and established a sheer-o-meter test before their products come to the floor.

Pop Quiz:  What should the new name for the yoga pants be?

  1. Now You See Them/Now You Don’t
  2. Cover Your Assets
  3. I See London, I See France…

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  • cindysleepspinresearch

    I wish I could afford a pair! I could buy 5 pairs of workout pants for what one of those would cost me!


      Hey – I wonder if they are selling the recalled pants on Ebay or something? I bet those would have a discount – lol!

  • consultpro05

    Thanks. Needed that smile today.

  • sunnyjane

    Peek-a-Boo Pants

  • jennydambeck

    I see someone’s . . . Wait, I thought we were going bare under there!

  • All Seasons Cyclist

    I will abstain from commenting on the see-through yoga pants. On the other hand, as a healthy heterosexual male I have to say that Lululemon cycling shorts for women are a work of art! One of the young ladies I ride with during the summer wears them and they are certainly worth the extra cost. I also have to say that I have a wonderful wife who doesn’t mind me riding with female cyclists (my wife took one look at the young woman I was riding with and knew that no one who looks like her is going to be interested in someone who looks like me).

  • Reply

    I am so disappointed by this! I have so many pairs of lululemons and I am starting to get skeptical of all of them!!! It’s not a good feeling. That company has been known for the quality of their materials – they need to NOT be putting crap out on their shelves!


      I love the brand too. Hopefully their more extensive testing will help ensure the quality of their pants.

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