Kayln – Another Check Off the Bucket List

I few weeks ago I told you about my friend from my bodybuilding team, Kayln Blacklock.  She has a rare disease called Chiari Malformation which happens when the brain is herniated (or squeezed down into) the spinal canal.  After having her second brain surgery she got cancer and had to stop treatment for Chiari, but that didn’t stop her from living her life.  Five days after chemo she ran the Tough Mudder.

Last week she did her first bodybuilding competition…and won Top 5.

This was the inaugural show for the Phil Heath Classic and it was mobbed.

Audience at Phil Heath Classic

Audience at Phil Heath Classic

Our trainer, Melissa Merritt, was backstage with her the whole time.  They decided to do her hair like Pink.

Lookout Pink!

Lookout Pink!

Kalyn - smiling

She sent me these pics backstage and told me she ran into a man she never met who knew all about her.  He read her story on my blog!   (You can read her incredible story too:  Chiari Warrior and Chiari Warrior – Going Viral.)

There were some scheduling changes backstage during the prejudging and she almost missed going onstage entirely!  But she got on in the nick of time and did her poses in the Masters Division.  These are the proofs from the show.

Isaac Hinds - LIFTstudios.com

Photo Credit: Isaac Hinds – LIFTstudios.com

Isaac Hinds - LIFTstudios.com

Photo Credit: Isaac Hinds – LIFTstudios.com

Photo Credit: Isaac Hinds - LIFTstudios.com

Photo Credit: Isaac Hinds – LIFTstudios.com

As a surprise, her father flew in to see the competition.  A thirteen hour trip there and back.  But he saw her.  He saw his girl win.  Kalyn - medal

And saw her scratch off another item from her bucket list.

Kalyn Wins!Photo Credit: Isaac Hinds - LIFTstudios.com

Kayln Wins!
Photo Credit: Isaac Hinds – LIFTstudios.com

This would be a fairytale ending, but the tale is bittersweet.  Earlier this week she decided with her doctors it was time to stop all surgeries; time to stop all chemo.

“My son is seven years old.  He has never known a time when I wasn’t sick.  I want to leave a legacy for him.  I want him to know that no matter what: you hold the cards to your life.  You dictate your life.  I want him to know no matter what, Mommy never gave up.”

Kayln with her son

Kalyn with her son

Part of this cruel disease includes “Chiari Fog” where patients have difficult with memory, so she tattoos things important to her on her body to remember them.  Please share her story so the doctors and scientists don’t forget about the disease.  Please let her story be etched in your memory.

Click here for more information about the Chiari Warriors Foundation.  (Please note:  all donations to Chiari Warriors Foundation go to The Chiari Institute (TCI) in Long Island.  See the link above for more information.)

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  • consultpro05

    Brought tears to my eyes…

  • j! ayson

    Thank you for sharing her story.

  • fitchick007

    Reblogged this on Exercise…Eat…Rest…Repeat. and commented:
    This woman is such an inspiration. Gotta give her credit. She is so strong and determined to control her life and to not let life or circumstances control her.

  • The Mommaleh

    Her whole story just breaks my heart. No mother should ever have to go through what she is going through and no child should have to face what her son is facing either. Life has been so unfair to her yet she goes on like a true warrior goddess. It is just amazing. SHE is just amazing. I keep hoping to see an update that she is miraculously recovered.

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