Two is a wonderful number.  Because I am two steps closer to my goals!  Sunday I got my CPR card from the Red Cross (which is a prerequisite to taking my personal training certification) and today I signed up for the newsletter on the Eat Clean Diet website.   Yes!

Two is also an important number for this reason:  It takes two weeks to establish a habit.  (On the flip side it seems it only takes two minutes to mess it up!)

When I first started working out I was given a meal plan and an exercise calendar.  These tools were enormously helpful because I didn’t have to think, I just had to follow the routine.

Week 1 of clean eating was off to a rough start, but I know if I can just cross that two week milestone it won’t seem so scary to the kids.  It’ll just become…you know…a habit.  Normal.

Today I wrote out the meal plan for the week and printed out recipes so I’d have everything together.  I’m putting everything in a binder as my make-shift cookbook so I can keep what works and re-try the other recipes when my kids become more comfortable with the new food mantra.  Now that I know which ingredients are needed I’m going grocery shopping after I pick up little man from nursery school.  The easier I can make this on myself the more likely I’ll stick with the program too.

Here’s Week 2 Meal Plan:

(I’ll post the recipes throughout the week):

  • Monday – Clean crispy chicken nuggets , sweet potatoes and raw broccoli
  • Tuesday – Salmon roasted in cilantro salsa, quinoa, asparagus
  • Wednesday –  Clean eating skillet spaghetti
  • Thursday –  Spicy orange cinnamon shrimp, brown rice, Chinese snow peas
  • Friday – Spinach tomato pesto pizza

Are you working on any goals?  Why not make two steps towards them today?

Lisa ;)

P.S. – “Two” was the word prompt as part of the January Blogger Challenge. (c) 2013 Lisa Traugott.  All rights reserved.  No portion of this blog, including any text, photographs, and artwork, may be reproduced or copied without written permission.


today I’m making clean chicken nuggets for the kids.  Cross your fingers for me.  My hope is to get through the two weeks with some consistency so they know that clean eating is here to stay at our household.

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  • Marilyn from 24 Hr Fitness!

    ok Lisa – post the receipes – I have always heard it takes ’21 days’ to make a habit and only ‘1 day’ to break it!

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