We’re Home! 27 1/2 hours later…

  We left California 7:30 pm on Wednesday.  27 1/2 hours later we made it to Texas.  Yeehaw!  Was it possible to eat clean and exercise while on vacation?  Answer:  sorta.

I actually did pretty good with the exercise.  I worked out in the gym Sunday morning before the drive to Arizona.  Monday I was dead from driving; sleep was my exercise.  Tuesday I did my 3 a.m. workout of running and lunges up the street (I thought it was 5 a.m. – sorry JJ’s neighbors!)  Wednesday we drove to San Diego and I found a 24 Hour Fitness in a mall near me and was able to workout 45 mins. before the closed.  (Um…I thought it was called 24 Hour Fitness not Closes @ 11pm Fitness.)  Thursday I ran 8 miles up and down Torrey Pines Reserve.  Friday we recovered from Henri’s 50th birthday party; no exercise.  Saturday Duda killed me with his leg workout.  Sunday I worked out at World Gym.  Monday we were in Disneyland walking all day, plus I worked out in the hotel gym with the one (1) 15 lbs. weight they had.  Tuesday was Disneyland again, only the kids were tired now so I also carried 30-50 lbs of tired kid weight on my shoulders all day; a true exercise indeed.

As for the food…uh…How about those Yankees?  They’re a great team, huh?


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