Blogger Challenge: How Do You Break Through A Plateau?

Fitness Cheerleader Blogger Challenge Question of the Day:

How Do You Break Through A Plateau?

I have drawn clear battle lines.  Let Operation Ass Lift commence.  Bikini competitions are won and lost in the behind.  And I have a boyish figure plus childbirth and 38 years of gravity to deal with.  But will that stop me from attempting to sculpt my butt?  Hell to the No!

Plateaus are part mental, part physical.  If you tell yourself you can break through something you will.

Bodybuilding is a fantastic sport because it is so visual.  You can literally see your body transforming, which is pretty motivating.  The key to breaking past your physical plateaus is to constantly trick your body so it gets confused and has to readjust.

There are hundreds of variations of the basic squat that I’m attempting to learn:  standard, plie, sumo, smith, walking, bosu ball, stability ball.  These can be combined with bar weights, kettle balls, dumbbells, you name it.

Lunges work well too.

I’m looking forward to working with my trainer next month to focus on my glutes, but while on vacation I am using “The Butt Book,” by David Kirsch (trainer to the stars) and have been watching You Tube videos from top female bodybuilders from online magazines like and Fitness Hers.

Today I am going to train with my niece’s fiancée, Duda, who just qualified for his pro card and he promised to kill me.  I can’t wait.

My derrier is saggy at the moment, but I have faith in my muscles.


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