Blogger Challenge: Worst Injury You’ve Ever Had

  Fitness Cheerleader’s Blogger Challenge Question of the Day:  What’s the Worst Injury You’ve Ever Had?

I’m lucky in that most of my injuries have been mild enough to push through and interesting enough to make for good war stories.

When I was training for the Marine Corps Marathon I used to run the Torrey Pines Hill in San Diego.  It was a gorgeous run overlooking the nature preserve and the Pacific Ocean.  Wel,l around this time I also decided to get lasik eye surgery because I’m legally blind and it would be nice to wake up with vision.

Two weeks prior to surgery I had to wear no contacts, just my glasses all day, which was a feat for me considering how very vain I am.  In fairness to myself though, I get this character flaw from my mom.  She doesn’t like wearing her glasses in public either, even when it really would make sense to do so.   We still tease her about the time  she went to the grocery store to buy some tuna fish but couldn’t read the labels and didn’t want to put on her glasses;  she  came home with cat food (we have no cat…)  True story.

Anyway, glasses were not going to stop me from running that hill so away I ran with my team on hill day.

Did you know that glasses tend to slide around on your face when you sweat?  And when your vision is 6.5 in one eye and 7.5 in the other, if the glasses slide off your face the scene before you just looks like cloudy nothingness?  Only when you’re running a nature trail there are fun things like sharp rocks underneath your feet to trip on?

So I totally wiped out and gashed my knee up pretty good.  My glasses went flying so a teammate had to help me find them in the sand, because God knows I couldn’t find them.  I still have a scar on my knee from it.

The real joke of the story is after all that the doctor told me I couldn’t get the lasik – my corneas were too thin.

How about you?  What’s the worst injury you’ve ever had?


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  1. Ahh! I am the same way about my glasses. If I have to wear them on a run, I will hem and haw about it for a while before actually going out. Luckily, I have some prescription sunglasses that are a little more run friendly than my regular glasses, but I still get the slide action going on. Drives me nuts!

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