She’s Building It!

  I’m super excited today – I get my new diet and exercise calendar to start building lean muscle mass!  But, as usual, I’m also kind of freaking out, for two very valid reasons:

1.  After spending the last six months of my life losing weight, my trainer now wants me to GAIN weight; up to 120 lbs so I can build muscle.  This is a total mind f#$k.

2.  As fate would have it, due to scheduling conflicts I won’t be able to train with Daniel until September, so I’m on my own the entire month of August.  Yikes!

Apparently everything I’ve been doing in the past will need to be reversed.  So my meal portions will be larger, I will eat to eat more carbs, and I will be doing less cardio.

As it is my inherent nature to buck authority and cheat on diets, I’m really kind of interested to see how I’m going to self-sabotage myself this time around.

Anyway, wish me luck and good luck with your fitness goals too!

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2 thoughts on “She’s Building It!

  1. Let us know what the new plan looks like.I definitely don’t know how I’d do if I had to gain weight/muscle.

  2. He’s going to update it again and send to me tonight. He wanted me to hold off until the April competition so I’d have more time to build up, but I really want to stay in shape for my high school reunion in Oct., so I’m dong the Nov competition instead.

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