Cardio Routine #1 – First two weeks of weight loss

Bond with the treadmill

Hi guys,

Below is my cardio routine for the first two weeks of training/weight loss.  Here are some general rules:

1.  Do cardio on an empty stomach, which means you should do your workout before breakfast.  (Apologizes to those liking to sleep in.)

2.  Always have a bottle of water with you.  Muscles don’t work as well when they are dehydrated.

3.  Music helps!

MondayStair Master.  Use “Fat Burner” program, level 5, for 40 minutes.

WednesdayTreadmill.  Walk with a 5-10% incline at speed 3, for 40 minutes.

FridaySprints on Treadmill.  Set the speed to something fast but manageable for you.  I ran at 7.0 speed.  You will run for 30 seconds and then hold to the handrails and move your feet to the stationary part of the treadmill and rest for 30 seconds.  Repeat this process for 15 minutes.

As your endurance builds up you will gradually increase the cardio routine.

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3 thoughts on “Cardio Routine #1 – First two weeks of weight loss

  1. Hello there, I just wanted to double check my vision and to make sure I was reading your blog correctly. Did you say that you were a size 14 @ 150lbs? & that you went from a size 12 to a size 5 in 3 weeks? I just want to make sure I am interpreting that that was what I read?
    Thanks again

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