Leg Work Out

   Legs are your biggest muscle group.  Generally speaking they take the longest to build and the day after my leg work outs I’m always tired.

I will post my work out calendar under a separate post, so you will know which days I did legs, which days I did back/biceps, etc.

Below is the leg work out I did the first month.  As the month progressed my weights increased but the repetitions (“reps” – the number of times you do the exercise) stayed pretty consistent.

4 sets squats, 15 reps

4 sets bar squats, 12 reps, 45 lbs. total weight on the bar

4 sets leg presses, 12 reps, 90 lbs. total weight on the machine

4 sets Hoist hack squats, 15 reps, 0 weight (just use the bar)

3 sets leg extensions, 12 reps, 40 lbs. 1st rep, 55 lbs. 2nd rep, 70 lbs. 3rd rep

4 sets leg curls, 12 reps, 40 lbs. 1st rep, 50 lbs. 2nd rep, 60 lbs. 3rd rep, 70 lbs. 4th rep

I’m four days away from the bikini competition, so it’s hard to get all the posts up, but after the show I am committed to figuring out YouTube and I will post a video of these exercises.


Note – This work out is for information purposes.  Always consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program.  Also, it helps to get a trainer!  If you want to contact Daniel for training sessions, tell him you saw this blog!  His email is: Drufini27@gmail.com.


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