Little Choices

Every day is filled with small choices: You can hit snooze or wake up and go to the gym, you can eat fries or vegetables, you can give yourself an excuse or hold YOURSELF accountable. These little choices will determine where you will be a year from now. Your health, your strength, your body is a reflection of past choices. If you don’t like where you’re at, make new choices.

Change is scary, but it’s also exciting!  Don’t you want to lead a life that excites you?

It begins with little choices.  The first is to open your mind to the possibility that you’re better than where you’re at right now, even if it’s good.  You can always improve yourself, learn new things and grow as a human being.

Sometimes it’s going to be hard.  Choose to do it anyway.

Choose to challenge yourself.  Choose to do things that will make you proud of the reflection in the mirror.  Choose to make the tough decisions today so you can have a more peaceful tomorrow.

Little choices determine the big picture.

Be healthy,

Lisa 🙂

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