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It’s been a bumpy road getting back into competition training. For one thing, I re-injured myself last month (I’m fine now), but it makes me want to be extra cautious. To that end, I’ve been doing yoga videos focusing on runners stretches and hip flexors.

In super fun news, Bowflex sent me a new Max Total elliptical machine with 16″ screen and JRNY app to try out. (I’ve been blogging for them for years.)



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It’s perfect timing because not only do I need to get in shape for the competition, I also want to build up my endurance when I go to the Isle of Skye, Scotland this summer to research my next novel. (Side note – my husband, Henri, said, “Can’t you just write a book set in Texas?”)

Speaking of Henri, he’s doing his first bodybuilding competition ever! We starting working out together with my long-time coach, Robin Johnson. He’s going to do the physique division (regular bathing suit, not a speedo.) It’s been really fun lifting with him, and, I’m not gonna lie, it’s been A LOT of fun watching him try to follow a bodybuilding diet.

Food prep X 2

I’m doing the fitness division, which means I have to prepare a 90 second routine. I signed up for a dance class and holy mole do I feel old. The dance teacher starts the class with an ice-breaker question each week. Here’s a paraphrased version: “Before there was Amazon in 2008, people actually had to go to the mall. What was your favorite store in 2008?” Pretty good question.

“Well, in 2008 my daughter Rylee was one, so probably I went to Carters and I was pregnant with my son and working full time, so probably Pea in the Pod.” I smiled at the nostalgia.

The woman next to me said, “In 2008 I was four years old. I guess I liked the cookie store?”


Anyway, next week is spring break, also known as The Rylee College Tour. I’ll be driving all over God’s green earth (or snowy earth – we are going to Pittsburgh) but it’s actually pretty exciting. We’ll also go to NYC for a few days and visit with my brother and hopefully a few friends.

Competition prep and travelling notoriously don’t mix, but I do have a mini-plan. I’m packing protein powder, a shaker bottle, Quest bars and almonds and I’ll but putting that JRNY app to good use. Beyond that, let’s be real. I’m going to NYC. I need real pizza.

That’s it for me. I’ll keep you posted. Hope you are doing well on your own fitness journeys!

Lisa 😉

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