I’m 49 today, but oddly I feel like that sounds young. (Don’t worry my teenage children – I know I’m old.) I read somewhere that everyone thinks the milestone years (30-40-50, etc.) are when people take big actions, but in reality most people do drastic things in the 9 year – the calm before the storm.

How was 48?

If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you know that every year I try to do something to scare myself. Last year my goal was to try to get an agent for my novel “To Rescue a Witch” (yes – the title changed from “Trouble the Water” and it might change again…) and go the traditional publishing path. Well, I’m actually starting to send out my first batch of agent query letters this week!

Apparently it takes a reallllllllly long time to traditionally publish anything. It takes 8 weeks for an agent to read your query (which is a cover letter, book synopsis and the first 25 pages of your novel.) If they are interested, they will request a copy of the full manuscript. That takes another 8 weeks. If they like your book, they will sign a contract with you and then ask you to make changes. That takes 6 months. Then they pitch it to publishers, who in turn will want their own editors to review and have you revise. Ultimately it can take 2-3 YEARS before your book ends up in a bookstore. I guess what I’m trying to say here, is with any luck for my 50th birthday you’ll see my book in a local Barnes & Noble near you. If you’d like to stay posted on my progress (or are interested in 18th century history, or things I’m learning about the writing process, check out my other blog: LisaTraugott.com).

Anyway, back to this year…

Goal for 49

I’m doing my first bodybuilding fitness competition! The last time I attempted this I had to drop out because my mom went into the hospital two weeks before the competition. A fitness competition is different from the typical figure and bikini divisions I’ve done in the past. It requires a 60-90 second routine that demonstrates strength moves (like push ups) combined with flexibility moves (think: dancing). I haven’t done flexibility training or taken a dance class in half a decade, so hopefully I won’t kill myself trying to channel my inner back-up dancer.

I haven’t been this excited in years!

Stay healthy,

Lisa 😉


Here’s my story (available on Amazon).

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  1. I always love hearing and being inspired by your birthday scares. Happy birthday! Hope this is a fantastic year filled with joy, love, and new milestones!

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