Create Your 2020 Vision in 3 Steps

Happy New Year!  This has always been one of my favorite holidays because it represents a chance to envision and create the life of your dreams.

This comes in the form of resolutions.  In my own life, I’ve found a few tricks to making resolutions stick, which I’ll share with you today.  Take what works for you and skip the rest.  This is YOUR game plan and YOUR 2020.  Go for it!

  1. Start with the result you want and work backwards.  Rather than a general “I want to lose weight”, create the vision of what it is you really want.  “I want to feel good in shorts, keep up with my kids on the playground and run a 10k this year.”  Those are positive things that you can work towards and you will know when you’ve reached those milestones.

    Jen runs a 5k!
  2. Have a buddy.  Friends make everything better.  I have run partners when I’m training for a race and they make me show up to the trail even when I’m feeling tired or just not into it.  When I’m training for a bodybuilding competition sometimes I set up muscle competitions with my friends.  Like, one year my friend Obedia and I had a bicep growth competition.  Even though she won, I ended up pushing harder and getting better results than I would have on my own.

    Biceps growth competition
  3. Pick a resolution that excites you.  Doing something because you “should” turns your resolution into a chore, and who needs another chore?  Choose a resolution that is novel, challenging, and something you look forward to achieving.  My personal fitness resolution this year is to learn how to do the salmon ladder.  Have you ever seen American Ninja Warrior?  The salmon ladder is where the person is suspended in the air, hanging from a bar and then lifts it up into the air onto the next level higher.  It’s the most badass move I’ve ever seen that doesn’t require a stunt crew.  I want to do that.  Check this out:

Whatever your fitness goals are, make your plan and go for it. Make 2020 the vision of your best self.

Lisa 🙂

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