30 Day HIIT Challenge

No one has the time or desire to walk on a treadmill for two hours, that’s why I’m really excited about doing this 30 Day HIIT Challenge. (I know that July has 31 days, but everyone needs at least one day off!) HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. This means you do bursts of 100% effort (that’s the high intensity part) followed by shorter recovery periods and then repeat (that’s the interval part). So if you were on a bike, you’d go as fast as you could for 3 minutes and then you’d slow down to an easy pace for 2 minutes, and that would be one interval. You’d repeat that process 4-6 times, depending how much time you have to workout.

I like HIIT training because it torches fat in a shorter amount of time than steady state endurance cardio, like jogging on a treadmill. Also, full disclosure here, I’m a total slacker on cardio, meaning I will typically do the easiest setting and barely break a sweat by the end. With HIIT you can’t slack off, so it forces you to really get your heart rate up.

For the next month I will be doing 20-30 minutes of HIIT workout every day and posting pictures of it on my Instagram @lisatraugott and Facebook page @sheslosingitnet. Feel free to join me in this challenge and tag me in your posts with the hashtags #ShesLosingIt and #SLIMethod if you decide to play along.


HIIT training is typically associated with cardio, but you can do it with bodyweight and strength training too. Here are some examples: swimming, running, jump rope, elliptical, biking (cardio), kickboxing, plyo jumps, burpees (bodyweight), and kettlebells, dumbbells and battle ropes (strength training). Just remember: Work out as hard as you can followed by a short rest/recovery period.

Looking forward to seeing all your workouts!

Lisa 😉

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