Mid-Year Fitness Goals Check-In

Hey, remember way back in January when we all made some fitness goals and then two weeks later got distracted by life and haven’t thought about them since? By the way, I’m including myself in this. I have some resolutions from 2018 that I have yet to get done.

June is a great time to reconnect with what you want to accomplish and recommit to your own self care. If you stalled on a goal, now is a good time to ask yourself why.

Was it a goal that sounded interesting in the moment but when life got busy you realized that you just weren’t that into it? This happened to me in 2018. My three New Year’s Resolutions were:

  1. Encourage people to get fit. (Status: Completed, and ongoing)
  2. Learn hip hop. (Status: I did not do this.)
  3. Write my next book. (Status: Did I write it? Yes. Did I publish it? Not yet!)

Bonus goal: My Annual Birthday Scare. (FYI – My birthday scare is kind of like a bucket list only instead of doing 100 life goals and then dropping dead I do one thing that scares the hell out of me and then eat cake.)

Learn the final dance number with the crazy lift from the movie “Dirty Dancing”. (Status: Done! Best birthday scare ever! You can see the video here: Dirty Dancing


While it’s cool I finished one dance goal, why didn’t I get the hip hop goal done? They’re both dancing, right? Because even though it seemed like hop would be interesting, my desire to find a dance class, pay for it, attend it consistently and practice on my own, seemed more like a burden than something fun. So my motivation was low. But learning the Patrick Swayze lift from my favorite movie of all time!?! Heck yeah, I was motivated to see that through!

Maybe you can relate? Maybe you wanted to lose 50 pounds by June so decided to try the Keto Diet because everyone else was doing it and a few days into it you discovered that you really, really like carbs. That’s okay. Your motivation wasn’t strong enough to stick with that diet platform. (Trainer note here: Carbohydrates, by the way, are necessary for your body to function properly and they also help with mood and memory. Please do not cut out carbs from your life.)

Sometimes it’s beneficial to try something and realize either the goal (lose 50 pounds), the strategy (fad diet), or the timeline (June), needs to be adjusted. Adjust your goal in one or all of those areas for better results.

The self-help guru Tony Robbins once said that people often over-estimate how much they can get done in the short-term and under-estimate how much they can get done in the long-term.

Apply this to your own life. If you gave yourself a fitness goal this year to lose 50 pounds by June and you barely lost 5, don’t beat yourself up! Think long-term. Keep eating clean and exercising consistently and you can meet that goal at a later date. Better late than never! If you want it bad enough you absolutely will find a way to get ‘er done.

And to borrow a quote from Winston Churchill, never, never, never, never, never give up. (ON YOURSELF!)

Lisa 😉

P.S. – My current Annual Birthday Scare is to turn my book, “She’s Losing It!” into a movie. More on that in another post.

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Lisa 🙂

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Freezing next to Noah Galloway on “American Grit”

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