Why Can’t There Be A Daylight Holiday Savings?

Yesterday was my favorite weekend ever: Daylight Savings.  This is the one day per year when we get an extra hour of sleep*.   It’s also the start of that weird time vortex where everything gets faster as the end of the year approaches.

Like, why is Thanksgiving on the 22nd this year instead of the 29th?  It’s the 4th Thursday in November, but personally I think it should be the last Thursday in November, because it seems insane to me that Thanksgiving is in less than three weeks and I still have pumpkins on my front yard.  (Don’t judge me.)

Henri and kids on Halloween

Also, Tuesday is election day, so remember to vote!  Unless you plan to vote for Ted Cruz, in which case, the election got moved to Thursday 😉  Just kidding my Republican friends.  There’s a lot of Beto fever going on here in Austin, the giant Democratic blueberry in that sea of Republican tomato soup known as Texas.  There are about one million more registered Republicans than Democrats, but I’m throwing things like caution and math to the wind and voting for him anyway.

Beto at rally in Round Rock

I took my kids to a rally as part of their Texas history lesson, so they could see who was running for senator.  We stood in the rain, but it was worth it.  But I digress.

Since it’s a new month I made up new fitness goals and they are:

  1. Switch from coffee to green tea
  2. Run 20 mins at speed 5.5, incline 12, by end of month
  3. Find healthy recipes for Thanksgiving
What are YOUR fitness goals?

It’s not even a week into the month and already I’ve had coffee twice.  How do tea lovers do it?

Going through my goals, I’m also reminded that I’m running out of time to finish my 2018 New Year’s Resolutions.  I honestly can’t remember them, which is probably a bad sign for their completion.  Do you ever check back into your New Year’s Resolutions or do you give up right around January 5th like most people?

November is also that time of year to start working on Christmas cards.  Christmas is in seven weeks.  That’s sick and wrong.  Why can’t there be a Daylight Holiday Savings to push back everything a solid month so we can at least finish the Halloween candy?

My mom used to handwrite cards.  For a time I used to write a funny newsletter but people stopped doing that with the advent of Facebook.  Facebook kills everything.  Now we’re supposed to upload photos to make Shutterfly postcards, but I still haven’t figured out how to download the photos from my camera to my computer, and even if I did I’m apparently out of memory.  So, if you’re my friends and family, consider this blog post your Christmas card.

In other news I’m 18 weeks away from the Arnold Amateur competition, which seems like a long time, but it’s totally not for a competition that big, and I’m freaking out, but in a positive, productive way because I’ve switched from coffee to green tea, so I’m much calmer now, or I will be once I actually drink it.

Sweaty selfie

November is also National Love Your Red Hair Day (Nov. 5), Stress Awareness Day (Nov. 7), Veteran’s Day (Nov. 11), American Education Week (Nov. 12-16), Mickey Mouse Day (Really?  Yes, Nov. 18), Thanksgiving (Nov. 22), Black Friday (Nov. 23), Small Business Saturday (Nov. 24), Cyber Monday (Nov. 26), Giving Tuesday (Nov. 27) and French Toast Day (Nov. 28).

That’s a lot to cram into one month.  But hey, at least you got an extra hour of sleep*

Lisa 😉

*If you have children or pets you know that Daylight Savings doesn’t really matter because they wake up early no matter what, but if you are sleep-deprived and single, pet-less or retired, it’s the best weekend ever.

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