How to Stick To Your Diet Away From Home

This weekend was the big Girl Scout camping trip.  It was nerve-wracking to plan because I’m not really big on camping and I was stressing about starting a campfire.  But all was well.  Matches saved the day.  Yay.

It was also tough camping two weeks out from my next bodybuilding competition.  Why?  Imagine every single person around you eating your favorite chocolate bar while you eat fish and asparagus.  In short, it kinda sucked.  #KeepingItReal

In my case, this ultra-restrictive diet is a) temporary and b) a choice.  I’m choosing to compete in a bikini competition, so it really doesn’t make sense for me to eat hot dogs and smores at this particular moment in time.  Once the competition is over my diet goes back to your every day happy healthy lifestyle meals that include carbs and planned cheat meals.

But what if you’ve got diabetes or need to watch your weight so you don’t get a heart attack?  Then you really do need strategies to keep to you diet so you don’t make yourself sick.

So whether you want to or need to stick to your diet when you’re out camping (or on vacation) here are some tips that get me through it:

  1. Pack your food.  Even though we were camping we still had coolers.  Most hotels have mini-fridges in the room, as well as a microwave.  Turkey and green beans tend to travel best.

    I ate turkey meatballs while my kids had cotton candy at Disneyland
  2. Snack on 6 almonds.  Almonds are a healthy source of fat, are portable and keep you full for hours, which comes in handy when everyone around you is eating chips.

    Go nutty!
  3. Sugar-free gum saves the day.  Sugar-free gum can make you gassy and isn’t the best if you’re known to grind your teeth, but it does trick you into feeling full and keeps your mouth occupied.

    sugar-free gum
  4. Do what you can with what you’ve got.  You can find eggs just about anywhere.  At a gas station food section, on the menu or in most people’s kitchen (if you are staying with friends/family).  That’s a quick and easy source of protein.  Pick the healthiest carbs you can find and limit the portion size.

    Egg scramble with coffee in St. Croix
  5. Make up a mantra.  “I just need to make it through tis one meal,”  “This is temporary; a cheat meal is around the corner,” “You’re going to feel so proud of yourself when you stick to your clean eating,” “Food is for fuel.”  Say whatever you need to say but get your head in the game so it doesn’t get you into trouble.

It’s hard but not impossible.  You can do it! 

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My before-after

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Food prep!

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