5 Benefits of Exercising With Your Kids

For as much as I love my “me time” (and I do LOVE my “me time” when I do my workouts) it’s also a good idea to have some “us” exercise time with your kids, and here’s why:

5 Benefits of Exercising With Your Kids

  1. Little people look so cute when they do grown up exercises.  While not a health benefit per se, it is really great for Facebook updates.
  2. Kids learn by your actions, not by your talk.  If you tell your children that they should go outside and run and play for their health but you personally remain seated on your couch eating chips they will learn that you don’t really think a healthy lifestyle is that important.  If it’s important for them, don’t you think it’s important for you too?

    Working out with my kids
  3. Fail forward.  There’s a lot of pressure on students to be perfect in school, sports and social life.  Perhaps one of the most valuable lessons a kid can learn on the track or in the gym is that “failure” is a good thing.  It is the only way you test your limits and grow.  Most of us are not gold medal Olympians.  We get winded, and mess up our form sometimes, and need to take breaks.  If your kid sees you have a tough time with an exercise, but that you keep going and refuse to quit, they might be inspired to demonstrate some of their own grit.

    Spartan Race
  4. Health benefits. Both you and your offspring are getting stronger muscles and bones, improving your moods, and increasing your oxygen and blood flow.   Plus exercise helps maintain a healthy weight, which reduces the risk for obesity and Type II diabetes.  And did I mention that exercise is fun?

    Big Henri helping Little Henry
  5. Make memories.  Children grow up in the blink of an eye.  Do you want the bulk of their memories to be of you scrolling through your phone and ignoring them?  Some of the best memories with my kids were doing fitness things together.  We trained for Spartan Kids obstacle courses, ran the Casa Superhero 5k and did boot camps in the park together.

    My kids showing off their bling

This weekend I led the Westdale Real Estate Kids boot camp to benefit the charity Make A Vet Sweat, for soldiers with PTSD.  It was a chance for teens to hang with their parents in a safe environment 😉  For more info about how to donate click here:  Donate to MAVS

Karen Temborius with her kids and mine

The family that sweats together stays together!  How about you?  What things do you do with your fit fam?

Lisa 🙂

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