December Goals Check-In

Have you ever written goals (or New Year’s resolutions) and then, you know, forgot about them?  We’re probably all guilty of this, which is why it’s important to check back in with your goals at the end of the month.

Goals for December:

  1. How did I do on my 2017 resolutions?
  2. Take a few exercise classes for fun.

How did I do?

Well, let’s start with the exercise classes.  I did really well the first week of December.  I took a cycling class at 5am.

Side note – did you ever notice that cycling classes are usually in the dark, while boot camps and Zumba classes are under harsh florescent lighting?  I wonder if there’s a reason for this?  But I digress…

I also took a yoga class with a woman, Leni Mex, (she’s the woman in front wearing glasses).  She worked on the documentary/book, “The Secret” with Rhonda Byrne (it was all the rage in 2006).

Yoga class

It was actually a yoga/goal setting workshop, which is clearly up my alley.

Goal Status: Done!

What were my 2017 resolutions again?

Now, usually I do some whimsical/odd-ball fitness goal(s) because that’s how I roll.  But last year there were some really somber events leading into the new year.

We had one friend whose son, JJ, got into a horrific car crash and was told he’d be a quadriplegic for the rest of his life.  We had another friend whose daughter, Jessica, died of a rare form of lung cancer.  Both of them were in their 20’s.

Life is unfair, but when things like this happen to young people it’s cruel.  There are never the right words to say, or at least I never seem to know how to say them.

So instead of doing my typical fun or funny goals, I decided to do two more reflective things:

JJ (Johnny James Follis) after the crash
  1. Raise money to help pay for JJ’s medical bills by running a half marathon in his honor. (You can donate here: Johnny James Follis medical expenses)
  2. Push myself to the limits by living out loud and taking advantage of the gift of life and a healthy body.  I will do this in honor of Jessica.

Later this week I’ll catch you up on how JJ is doing and my year of living out loud.  If you are living, breathing and thinking take advantage of it.  Do impossible things.  Push yourself and live your life to the fullest, because one day really will be your last.

Be healthy.

Lisa 😉

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My before-after

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