2018 Bodybuilding Competitions & Federations

The 2018 bodybuilding competition season is fast approaching!  Here are links and lists to the biggest Texas federations and an overview of what they are looking for with respect to female athletes.  I’ve also given the links for the shows in other states, in case you wanted to travel.


Comparisons at the Arnold Amateur (bikini)
Link for all NPC shows: http://npcnewsonline.com/schedules/list/
Link for Texas NPC shows: https://www.texasbodybuildingcontests.com/events/
2018 NPC Schedule
Mar 24th Bob Cicherillo’s NPC Championships

National Qualifier
Apr 7th NPC Ronnie Coleman Classic

National Qualifier
Apr 14th NPC City Limits Championships

National Qualifier
Apr 28th NPC Phil Heath Fitness Expo

National Qualifier
May 5th NPC Southeast Texas Championships

National Qualifier
May 19th NPC Kuclo Classic

National Qualifier
Jun 16th – Jun 17th IFBB / NPC Europa Games Expo

National Qualifier
Jun 30th NPC Branch Warren Classic

National Qualifier
Jul 14th NPC Battle on the Bay

National Qualifier
Aug 4th NPC Southwest USA Fitness Expo

National Qualifier
Oct 27th NPC Texas Legends Championships

National Qualifier
Nov 3rd NPC Texas State Fitness Expo

National Qualifier

The big federation is NPC (Natural Physique Committee) and they host the Olympia and the Arnold Classic.  Generally speaking they don’t drug test (depends on the show) and they pay the highest prizes to their winning pro athletes.  (Don’t worry, amateurs and professional athletes don’t compete against each other.)

This is when I did figure division (and had red hair)

Their divisions for women are bikini, figure, physique and women’s bodybuilding and there is also the fitness division which is it’s own category and includes a gymnastics routine.  The divisions are divided by age (anyone 35 and older is called “Masters”) and classes are also subdivided by height.  There are “open” categories too, which means you can compete against anyone, no matter your age or height.

Here’s a link explaining the requirements for the bikini category.  You can also click around to find descriptions for the other divisions as well.  http://npcnewsonline.com/bikini-rules/

NPC doesn’t necessarily pay attention to the athlete’s face, they’re more interested in the overall physique and tend to like a more muscular look for all competitors.


Link: https://naturalbodybuilding.com/events-schedule/

Sports model competition

INBA (International Bodybuilding Association) is the big natural bodybuilding competition.  They drug test and they don’t play around.  You have to pee in a cup in front of the official who labels your specimen and if any steroids or diuretics are found you get banned from the federation for seven years and your name is posted on the Wall of Shame.

What I like most about this federation is that they offer so many different divisions.  There are your typical women’s bodybuilding, figure and bikini, but they also have two divisions for physically challenged athletes (wheelchair and standing), Bikini Mamas (for women who have given birth within 1, 2 or 3 years), INBA Angels (basically this is wearing Victoria Secret wings), Women’s Ink/Tattoo and Body Quest for Women (which is for transformations that include not only weight loss, but people who have overcome injuries, illnesses or a major roadblock in their life).

Backstage at INBA show

Some of the divisions, like Body Quest, require athletes to write a 200 word description of their journey as part of the judging criteria.  When I did the sports model division a few years ago, each of us was given two minutes to give a speech about how fitness impacted us and how we would encourage people in the audience to get healthy.

Here is a link explaining the different divisions and requirements: https://naturalbodybuilding.com/categories/female/

2018 INBA Schedule

Date Location Event
02/24/2018 Corona, CA INBA/PNBA Clinic for Athletes, Judges, Posing & Info
03/03/2018 Riverside, CA Empire Natural Classic
03/17/2018 Bakersfield, CA Central California
03/24/2018 Sierra Vista, AZ Arizona Copper Classic
03/24/2018 Vallejo, CA Northern California
04/07/2018 Corona, CA Mr & Ms Iron Gladiator
04/07/2018 Albany, GA Southwest Georgia
04/21/2018 Chicago, IL Illinois State
04/28/2018 Bay Area, CA 24th Annual Silver & Black
05/05/2018 Dallas, TX Dallas/Fortworth Classic
05/05/2018 Surprise, AZ America’s Natural
05/12/2018 Orange County, CA Pro/Am Diana Kakos’ International Battle Against Cancer
05/19/2018 Seoul, Korea Pro/Am International Asian Pacific Championships
05/19/2018 Nashville, TN Midwestern USA
06/02/2018 Davis, CA Night of The Natural Champions
06/09/2018 Czech Republic Pro/Am World Championships
06/30/2018 Hartford, CT New England
07/07/2018 New Jersey East Coast Classic
07/14/2018 Bakersfield, CA Kern County Muscle Classic
07/14/2018 Wisconsin Natty Sports Festival
07/21/2018 Riverside, CA Mr & Ms Los Angeles & United States
07/28/2018 Woodbridge, VA Pro/Am Philip Ricardo Legends International
08/04/2018 Chicago, IL Pro/Am North American
08/08/2018 Reno, NV Battle Born State Championships
08/11/2018 Petaluma, CA 30th Annual California Natural
08/18/2018 Vancouver, WA Emerald State
08/25/2018 Grand Junction, CO Colorado State
08/25/2018 San Diego, CA San Diego & US Warriors
09/08/2018 Salt Lake City, UT Utah State
09/15/2018 New Jersey Pro/Am Eastern
09/15/2018 San Leandro, CA Pro/Am Zeus International
09/22/2018 Brisbane, Australia Pro/Am Universe
09/29/2018 Las Vegas, NV Pro/Am Team USA
10/06/2018 Corona, CA Clash of The Champions
10/13/2018 Manchester, CT Pro/Am Natural Nationals
10/20/2018 Wisconsin Women of Iron
10/20/2018 Sacramento, CA Western USA/Halloween Havoc
10/27/2018 Surprise, AZ Pro/Am Arizona Shredder
11/03/2018 Los Angeles, CA Pro/Am World Cup
11/08/2018 Las Vegas, NV Pro/Am Natural Olympia

Musclemania/Fitness Universe

Musclemania has been around since the 1980s.  They were the first bodybuilding competitions to air on ESPN and as such their poses are more family-friendly.  (No booty-shot poses like in NPC).  They drug test depending upon the division and the promoter.

The competitions have multiple divisions for women including bikini, sports model and figure.  The shows have more of a pageant feel, and the announcer will read the athlete’s bio as they do their poses on stage.  Many of these shows include two rounds of judging – bikini and sport-themed clothes or costume (athlete’s choice).

I recently starting combining doing Musclemania shows with family vacations, because why not, right?  Last year I did their Fitness Universe show in Las Vegas and this July I won the Ms. Costa Rica Sports Model division.  It was my first international competition where I travelled out of the country and it was an amazing experience.

Standing with my husband after my win

2018 Musclemania Schedule

April 14
San Jose, CA
Santa Clara Convention Center
Lakewood, CO
Lakewood Cultural Event Cente
Lancaster, CA
Eastside Performing Arts Complex
San Antonio, TX
Carver Cultural Arts Theater
Lining up for media event with other athletes
Danbury, CT

Brea, CA
Curtis Theatre
Albuquerque, NM
KiMo Theatre
Fresno, CA
Mississauga, ON
Meadowvale Theatre
West Palm Beach, FL

Jacksonville, FL
Tampa, FL
Las Vegas, NV
June 11
Montreal, ON
Centre Leonardo Da Vinci
Saputo Theatre
Costume comparisions at Lone Star competition

July 15
Honolulu, HI

San Diego, CA
Cleveland, OH
Stafford, TX
Stafford Civic Center
Washington DC
Mesa, AZ
Las Vegas, NV
Sacramento, CA
Charlotte, NC
Burbank, CA
The Colony Theatre

Albuquerque NM
KiMo Theatre
Tampa, FL
University of South Florida – Theatre 1
Philadelphia, PA
Montreal, Quebec
Leonardo da Vinci Centre – Saputo Theatre

Lakewood, CO
Lakewood Cultural Event Center
Fort Worth, TX
Fort Worth Community Arts Center

NFF – Naturally Fit Federation

Winning 1st place Texas State Naturals

NFF (Naturally Fit Federation) is a newer drug-free federation started in Austin, Texas and they have recently expanded.  Most of their drug testing is via a polygraph test prior to the show.  They offer divisions in bikini, figure, athletic and transformation (weight-loss).  You can read more about the divisions here:  http://www.naturallyfit.com/rules-naturally-fit-federation/

They are a federation that blends traditional NPC posing with some elements of pageantry you will find in other federations.  For example, they will read a short bio of each athlete during the individual walk and they usually ask transformation competitors to talk about their weight loss journey and how it impacted their life.  As with the other federations, the divisions depend on the show, so check with the promoter before you sign up.

Sal Robles Photography

NFF 2018 Event Schedule

NFF Physique Showdown- PRO/AM. April 21st, 2018 – Stafford Texas. Pro Qualifier – Offering all Masters Pro Divisions

NFF Naturally Fit Super Show- PRO/AM. June 23rd – 2018 Austin Texas.  Super Pro Qualifier – Offering ALL Pro Divisions- Including PRO Athletic

NFF Poseidon Classic- PRO/AM- September 22, 2018 – Galveston, Texas; Pro Qualifier – offering Pro BodyBuilding, Pro Figure, Pro Bikini

NFF Lone Star Muscle Mayhem- October 13, 2018 – Bastrop, Texas; Pro Qualifier – Offering Pro Women’s Physique & Pro Men’s Physique

NFF Alamo Showdown- November 3, 2018 – San Antonio, Texas; Pro Qualifier – Offering Pro Men’s Athletic & Pro Women’s Athletic


Hope that was helpful!

Depending on your fitness level and how much (if any) weight you need to lose, it takes 3 months (minimum) to a year to prepare for your first show.

Email me to train with me:  Sheslosingit.net@gmail.com

If you are interested in training for a competition, I’m now forming a team for the various Texas shows.  I charge $50/session and train out of Round Rock.  That includes the suggested meal plan for your show prep.

If you are not local to Texas and want to do online show-prep with me, my rate is $200/mo and that includes the suggested meal plan and exercise schedule for your competition.

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