Peak Week

Today is the start of “peak week”, the week before my bodybuilding competition.  Or, as I like to call it, “I want carbs and I’m thirsty and tired and sore but excited as hell to get on stage and do this thing! week.”

Peak week is all about food science.  You try to make your body look as tight as possible, so you cut your carbs and water intake.  But you don’t want your muscles to look flat, so you slowly add in fats to fill you out.

If you really want to understand how nutrition impacts your physique and mood, do a bodybuilding competition.

In the meantime, there’s still regular life.  My daughter came home from Sherwood Forest Camp, which was pretty cool.  It was sleepaway camp for a week.  She got to stay in a castle, learn blacksmithing, candle making, sword fighting and theatre, plus arts and crafts and campfire songs and all that good stuff.  She had a really good time and I’m glad she’s back home.

Sherwood Forest Camp

My son, Henry, turned 8.  Eight!  He couldn’t possibly be that old.  While his sister was at camp, Henry and I had a lot of time to hang out.

Henry turns 8!

We went to Barnes & Noble, Urban Air Trampoline Park, and saw the Minion Movie number 36, or whatever number it was.  My husband went swimming with him every night while I did squats and lunges nearby.  It was good having some one-on-one time with him.

Urban Air obstacle course

I’m drinking water like crazy, especially since I know it will slowly be cut down as the show date approaches.  I drink it on the elliptical, hanging out with my dog Bruno, and packing for the trip to Costa Rica.

Packing up to go!

Speaking of Costa Rica, do you know what season it is there right now?  Rainy Season.  Yep!  I get to go to beach country when it rains.  Oh well.  I packed ponchos.  Apparently Costa Rica has 12 different ecosystems, so I packed everything from bikinis and flip flops to hiking boots and a light jacket.  I’m getting so excited to see a new (to me) country!

That means I’m also getting all my client exercise plans for the next two weeks done over the next three days so I don’t have to worry about bad internet connections at hotels.  (And of course I’m drinking water as I type them up.)

My final costume pieces are being finished tonight.  I’ve been practicing with it at the gym near me, and have been getting some pretty odd looks from the treadmill walkers.  Well, hopefully my posing in costume makes a nice break from ESPN and FOX news on the TV screens above them.

posing heels

My workouts will end on Thursday and then the trip to Costa Rica will begin.  But the journey has been seven months of training hard and eating clean.  I’m excited to step on that stage.

Lisa 🙂

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