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Happy July 4th!  I recently stumbled across this picture taken of me when I was very pregnant with my son and trying to bribe my ob-gyn to induce labor.  It was at the beach near our home in San Diego and I remember thinking that you should get bonus prizes for having a summer baby just for dealing with humidity.

July 4, 2009

This other picture was taken seven years later after winning episode 3 on “American Grit”.  By that time we were living in Texas and I remember thinking that you should get bonus prizes just for dealing with 100 degree heat and humidity.

May 2015

For the record, I think that’s the same cowboy hat*

* (It’s not really a cowboy hat, but one made of straw I bought at Walmart, but it looks like what I’d imagine a cowboy to wear if he were pregnant on the beach in California or watching himself in a reality-TV show in Pflugerville, Texas.)

Lately it seems like there is a big beef between liberal, heathen, bleeding-heart California and conservative, Christian, don’t-touch-my-guns Texas.  And they started it!  No, they did!  (As a born and bred Jersey-girl I can be impartial here.  The rivalry’s been going on for awhile.)

It also is pretty apparent that there is a huge divide in our country.  Whatever your politics, I’d like to hope that on the birth of our nation’s democracy we can just cool it and agree to disagree sometimes.

It’s easy to look at the other side as the enemy, but that kind of rhetoric only really serves politicians.  I think most people can agree that we want and need our country to become better; we just have different ideas for how to make that happen.

Our Constitution allows us the freedom of speech – let’s hope our morals guide us to say constructive things in a civil manner.  Even better, if you are passionate about your ideas, don’t screech on Facebook posts, volunteer for the cause you believe in.

Whether you’re sweating in California or Texas or the Jersey shore, let’s just all be Team USA today.

Lisa 🙂

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  • Deirdre

    Yeah talk to my mom about being pregnant in NJ during the summer! Oh and then I had cabin fever during one of the hottest summers in L.A. while pregnant with Tiki, and wasn’t allowed outside.

    Now we can make up that time with our bikinis, the beach and the pool!

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