I’m Hangry

Hungry + Angry = Hangry and that’s what I am today.  My Vegas bodybuilding competition is just around the corner which means my diet has entered the “I’m pissed off zone”.  My carbs are cut, I’m tired, I’m having website issues and everyone is getting on my nerves.hangry2

I’m ready for this stupid election to be over and life to go back to some semblance of normalcy.

I want magic fairies to come and clean my house.

Is it Christmas break yet?  I’d love for the kids to not have to do any schoolwork at all (so I can take a break) and we could all just sit around watching Disney movies in our pajamas.

I’d also love to sit around in my yoga pants and a mom bun, but apparently that’s offensive.  Did you know there was a protest in Rhode Island over the weekend where about 400 women marched in yoga pants in response to a man who wrote an editorial in a newspaper that said women over 20 should not be allowed to wear yoga pants or mini-skirts?  (Read here:  Women Protest to Defend Yoga Pants).

My first response was, “People still read newspapers?” but after that I was indignant.  Who the hell is this guy to tell an entire population of women how to dress?  And why is his cut-off age 20?  Women are too old at 21??? Eff him!

Bad Moms/Thirty-one party
Bad Moms/Thirty-one party

My friend Shannon had a Bad Mom’s/Thirty-one party on Friday and we all showed up in yoga pants.  I also donned a shirt that said, “In Memory of When I Cared”.

While the other moms drank cheap wine and ate cheese, crackers and Little Debbie cakes, I drank from my water jug that said Vegas to remind me to stick to my fitness goals.  This made me hangrier because those Little Debbie cakes looked good and the wine looked even better.

The next day my trainer, Robin, threw a birthday party for his niece at Chuck E. Cheese.  A lot of his clients were there with their kids and he said, “I’m not your trainer right now, so enjoy yourself and eat as much pizza and cake as you want.” Then he turned to me.

I eat clean while my son eats pizza
I eat clean while my son eats pizza

“Except you.  You have a competition to train for.  Eat your turkey and asparagus,” which of course I had packed in my purse because God knows I’m not cheating on my meal plan in front of my trainer before leg day when my trainer looks like this:

My trainer, Robin Johnson
My trainer, Robin Johnson



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