Revive. Refresh. Reinvent.

This weekend I was invited to blog at Prevention Magazine’s R3 Summit.  The 3 R’s stand for Revive, Refresh and Reinvent.  Briefly, the terms can be defined as follows:

  • Revive – regain life, consciousness or strength
  • Refresh – to give new energy to
  • Reinvent – to change something so much that it appears entirely new

The majority of those in attendance were women on a mission, to learn more about their health and to reassert their power to go after it.  There were cooking demonstrations, 20160115_191919panels on a variety women-focused issues, motivational speakers and fitness workshops.

Workout session

Workout session

January is the time of year most of us focus on getting our life back on track or accelerating it to go even further in the direction we want.  With that in mind, I’d like to share some of the most useful health tips from the R3 Summit below and later this week post more detailed interviews I had with the following people:

  • Joan Lunden,
    Joan Lunden giving keynote address

    Joan Lunden giving keynote address

    former co-host of 20 years of Good Morning America, author, cancer survivor and mother of seven!  (Yes, s-e-v-e-n children, including two sets of twins.)

  • Dr. Travis Stork, co-host of The Doctors, author and a man dedicated to helping others get healthy
    Dr. Travis Stork

    Dr. Travis Stork

  • Lizzie Velasquez, once called “The Ugliest Woman in the World” on a YouTube video, she refused to let cyberbullies define her.  Her motivational speech at TED talk went viral and was viewed millions of times.
    Lizzie Velasquez

    Lizzie Velasquez

Here are 5 Health Tips You Can Use TODAY

  1. If you have dense breast tissue, get an ultrasound.  Don’t just rely on a mammogram; an ultrasound can find tumors that may not show up in a mammogram until years later.  Joan Lunden did this and it ended up saving her life.
  2. You’re a busy mom and want to get healthy this year?  Dr. Travis Stork from The Doctors recommends you focus on the 4 S’s:  Sugar (eliminate it from your diet), Sleep (get more), Stress (manage it) and Stand More (so you sit less).  Small changes in those four areas can have a profound impact on your health.
  3. Bob Roth,
    Bob Roth

    Bob Roth

    the Executive Director of The David Lynch Foundation and meditation expert discussed how transcendental meditation has been shown to drop cortisol levels by 35-40% after just 20 minutes.  In a world of 24/7 input and an epidemic of stress we mask with wine or Xanax, meditation can calm you and put your thoughts in perspective so you can sleep at night.

  4. Pressed for time?  Get Fit in 10is a new DVD created by celebrity fitness trainer Larysa DiDio.
    Larysa Didio - Get Fit in 10

    Larysa Didio – Get Fit in 10

    Not everyone can get to the gym for a full hour, but anyone can find ten minutes to do this full body workout.  She wants you to know that doing a short spurt of exercise consistently over time will help you reach your fitness goals.

  5. Naomi Whittel was a CEO at age 23, determined to stay humble without belittling herself or her abilities.  It wasn’t until she turned 40 that she truly embraced that age is just a number.  She talked about the health benefits of collagen for your skin (I’ll write more about her products in a separate post) and for anyone just starting their fitness journey the best advice she can offer is to reduce the amount of processed food you eat.

Ava Nguyen, travelled all the way from Washington, D.C. to attend.  (This was a 44th birthday gift to herself.)  Like most of the attendees here, she was curious to learn how to make the right choices for her health but always found it intimidating.  Now she feels she has better information and is ready to make the commitment to be a healthier version of herself in the New Year.

Ava Nguyen

Ava Nguyen

Let’s hope we can all make a commitment to revive, refresh and reinvent ourselves.

Stay healthy,

Lisa ????

Lisa Traugott is a Mom’s Choice Award winning writer, fitness blogger, wife and mom of two.

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