Hellooooo!!!! It’s been like six weeks since I’ve blogged and I’ve missed you guys!!!  So Happy Halloween, Happy Thanksgiving, Merry soon-to-be-Christmas and let’s talk New Year’s Resolutions.

Thanks to everyone who sent me little messages to see if I was dead or still alive.  I’m very much alive and feel quite invigorated, actually.

Photo by Sal Robles
Photo by Sal Robles

During this time off from blogging I’ve met some truly fantastic people from all different walks of life and later next year, when the time is right, you’ll get to hear from/about them.

In other news, I’ve been reading your messages and requests and it seems like a lot of you are interested in getting healthy.  That’s great!I’m very excited to announce that my trainer, Robin Johnson Jr., and I are in the process of creating a 30-Day She’s Losing It! Challenge for anyone who wants to lose some weight and get fit in the new year.  It will include suggested foods to eat and exercises to do to kick start your weight loss journey.  Our goal is to get this up and running in the New Year.

Another thing I get lots of questions about is pole dancing and tips to get your mojo back after having kids.  For this, I’m partnering up with my good friend and pole dance teacher, Serena Hicks, to create some exercise videos (no pole required) and journal prompts to help you tap into your inner diva get your groove back.  Expect that around February/March.

And pretty soon you will notice that my little blog is getting a facelift so it’s easier to navigate for your reading pleasure.  Also, a web designer is working on making my blog more mobile phone friendly so the pictures aren’t all ass-backwards.  (In my defense, I’m a middle aged mom and I don’t speak tech.)

And now…for the biggest news…

Okay, I still can’t talk to you about it.  Please don’t post comments trying to guess my news on FB, Instagram or the blog, because it will get me into trouble.  (This will all make sense in March, I promise.)

Good things coming your way!  I’m so happy to be blogging again!!

Lisa 🙂

Lisa Traugott is a Mom’s Choice Award winning writer, fitness blogger, wife and mom of two.

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