What Can You Accomplish In 30 Days?

In September I placed 2nd at a bodybuilding competition.  2nd Place is good, but I really wanted to win.  There was one last competition, Texas State Naturals, I could do before the bodybuilding season was done and it was only a month away.  The judges wouldn’t want to see the same package; they would expect me to make improvements if I wanted to win.  So I asked myself, “How much can I accomplish in a mere month?”

Challenge yourself!
Challenge yourself!

In that one month time frame here’s what I did:

  • 1,050 reps of bikini poses
  • 21,900 squats (730 per day) – My a$$ hurts just looking at that.
  • Won 1st Place in a bodybuilding bikni competition  (well, it took 3 years of training and 1 month of crazy hard training)


Now, I could have done this 30 Day Challenge all by myself, but where’s the fun in that?  Some of you emailed me that this month you had given up sugar, started to exercise more and decided to give clean eating a try.  That’s great!  A lot of you sent me messages that you bought my book (thank you!) and are now considering giving bodybuilding a try, which makes me so happy.  It’s a quirky sport, but is the only sport that truly taught me about nutrition, and food is the key to health.

There is one person who took up the challenge and started training with me online.  She sent me this email and gave me permission to share it with you:

3 weeks progress
3 weeks progress

I am super glad I found your book and reached out to you. 

  1. It’s thrilling to follow and actually know someone who is really living this life style everyday and competing.  I will be on the edge of my seat waiting for each post over the weekend to see how you did. 

  2. I pulled out a Size 10 pants out of my closet this morning and in a “what the hell” moment tried them on.  I ended up wearing them to work!!  Lisa, I have been a Size 14 since my ACL surgery.  Guess I will be shopping in my closet this weekend.  Proof positive that things are finally going in the right direction for me!!!

  3. You speak with the frankness of a best friend, you understand me and what my struggles are, however,  I don’t ever think you will sugar coat anything and feel you will call me out if I need it.
    So THANK YOU!!!

Remember, these are her progress pictures for just three (3) weeks:

3 week progress pictures
3 week progress pictures

I gave her a customized meal plan and weekly workouts.  I’m not gonna lie, they were tough.  She said she would have thought I was sadistic if she didn’t already know that I was doing 730 daily squats myself.  She did not have access to a gym, so they were mostly bodyweight exercises mixed in with exercises with light dumbbells and bands she already owned, and we made sure to work around her injury.

She did not use diet pills.  Or starve herself.  Or do wacky things you see on Instagram.  She ate clean and exercised consistently.  In three weeks she lost 6.25″ off her body, dropped 6 lbs. and was able to go from size 14 to size 10.  I am so proud of how hard she worked this past month!

I want to commend all of you who made an effort to get healthier this month.  When you focus and are consistent you will see results, even in as short a time frame as a month, so be encouraged!  Picture in your mind’s eye your own transformation because it is possible.  If I can do it; if she can do it; you can do it too!

A new month is approaching.  Challenge yourself.  What can you accomplish in a month if you really work at it?

Be healthy,

Lisa 😉

Lisa Traugott is a Mom’s Choice Award winning writer, fitness blogger, wife and mom of two.

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