Weigh In, Rebellion and 30-Day Update

Oh my, this has been an eventful week for me!  A HUGE opportunity has prevented itself, so I’ve been jumping through hoops all week to try and make it happen.  It’s killing me to not be able to blog about it, but I signed a confidentiality agreement, so I have to remain mute for now.

In other news, it’s #peakweek before the Texas State Naturals, which is the week before a bodybuilding competition.  This is also called #hellweek because it is so physically and mentally demanding.  Here’s why:  On show day you need to bring your strongest package to the stage, so that means making your muscles look cut and plump at the same time.  This is all controlled by your macronutrients and hydration and you have to check in daily with your coach so he/she can adjust them according to how you look in your posing suit.

Doing sumo deadlifts
Doing sumo deadlifts

In addition to the meal plan which can (and often does) change daily with your primary source of carbohydrates being from vegetables only, your workouts continue to be intense until midweek when they taper off.  During peak week you will feel tired (from reduced carbs), sore (from workouts) and really flipping cranky as your kids get invited to a billion birthday parties that week.

Does any child celebrate their birth during the off season, when I can actually enjoy a slice of Chuck E Cheese pizza and Walmart cake?  No.  God forbid that happen!  All the children in God’s green earth have to celebrate their birthday during peak week.

But I digress….

Challenge yourself!
Challenge yourself!

It’s time for the Weekly Check In for the 30-Day Challenge.  I started this challenge because I had exactly one month to make improvements between my last competition and this upcoming one and wanted to see how much I could actually accomplish in a month and challenged others to join me, just to see what was possible with concerted effort.

Back story

Last week I didn’t make my weigh in target because I ate the self-sabotage popcorn my husband made.  (Yes, I am throwing my husband under the bus.  Touché).  My trainer, Robin, gave me shit about it all week, including eating a bag of popcorn in front of me after he cut my carbs to just vegetables (see:  A Lesson In Self Discipline) and little snide comments all week.

Really, Robin? Really?
Really, Robin? Really?

For example, his other client doing the same show, Thomas, has been coming in each morning to do cardio while I do strength training.  Robin asked him what his weight was and the kid said he dropped two pounds over night, to which I said, “Damn!” and Robin chirped, “Yeah, that’s what happens when you actually follow the meal plan, but you wouldn’t know about that.”  He also promised me a cardio workout from hell if I didn’t reach my target by Friday.


Tuesday was National Night Out and guess what they had in my neighborhood?  Barbeque, because it’s Texas.  And they had dessert, and Kona Ice and sweet tea.  Ask me if they had salad.  They did not.

Kids enjoying Kona Ice
Kids enjoying Kona Ice

My neighbors and friends were like, “What can you eat?”  “Nothing here,” I said.  And an inner rebellion began to rise up in me.

I mean, it’s not like I gained a pound or anything.  I just didn’t lose as much as he wanted me to.  And I’m talking ounces here.

So I started thinking, “You’re not the boss of me!  I’m not scared of you!  I’m not scared of your cardio workout!  Bring it!”

Weigh In

What's my goal weight again?
What’s my goal weight again?

But then the DOMS set in from my friendly leg workout, which made me ponder what a punitive cardio workout would be and I was like, “You know, I’m the one stepping on stage in a bikini, why would I sabotage myself, right?  You’re still not the boss of me, I just want to meet my target, so there!”

Last Week’s Goals:

  1. Eat clean and stop whining about it.  Status:  I not only met my target but lost an additional pound because I’m an overachieving rebel.
  2. Work on those posing transitions more.  Status:  Yes, but I need to do more.  The top secret opportunity I mentioned at the beginning of this post was very time consuming this week, so I didn’t pose as much as I would have liked.
  3. Focus on recovery.  Ice Baths Baby!  Status:  The people at HEB are going to ask if I own stock in the ice company.  Even with them I feel like I’ve been run over by a Mack truck.

Peak Week Goals:

  1. Mentally prepare for the competition
  2. Do all the last minute scheduling things
  3. Own the stage.  Earn my pro card

    Holding my victory sword from Texas Shredder
    Holding my victory sword from Texas Shredder

How about you?  How’s your 30-Day Challenge going?  Do you feel stronger now than you did three weeks ago?  If you haven’t participated, why not jump in now.  You can do ANYTHING for a week, right?

Be healthy!

Lisa 😉

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