Pop Quiz: You Won’t Be Back

As we all know, NBC recently told The Donald, “You’re fired!” as the host of Celebrity Apprentice.  Guess who the replacement is?  Arnold Schwarzenegger!  Instead of ending each show with, “you’re fired”…

Which famous Arnold one-liner do you think will be used as the tagline?Arnold-the-apprentice

A.  I’ll be back…but you won’t

B.  Hasta la vista, baby

C.  Don’t give up your day job

D.  You’re not going to have your mommies here to wipe your tushies.  Oh no.  It’s time to turn this mush into muscle.

My vote:  D.  I know it’s unlikely, but how awesome would that be?  What do you think the tagline should be?

BONUS POINTS if you can name the movies where the quotes are from.

Lisa 😉

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