The Dr. Oz Show and Other Exciting News

OMG – The past two days have been crazy.  The Doctor Oz Show contacted me because they were looking for female bodybuilders with BMI (body mass index) of 25 to demonstrate that if you have a lot of lean muscle mass your BMI will look like you’re overweight when you’re really not.

In an ironic twist…my BMI is super low right now because I’m doing back to back bodybuilding competitions, so I’m too thin to be on the show.  This is further evidence that God has a sense of humor.

But I sent over contact info for a few women who fit the bill, so hopefully it will work out for someone.  And if nothing else, people from The Dr. Oz Show read my blog!!!  How cool is that?  😉

In other news my website crashed today because I exceeded bandwith, which means I’m getting a ton of visitors.  The timing was interesting because the company I partnered with this month, My Fit Foods, was reading the Pay Fit Forward post as my site crashed.  The joy of growing pains, I guess.

Also, I started training today at Conquer Fitness in Round Rock.  Now that my kids (my top priority) are in school full-time I get to go back to my other top priority – helping people get healthy!  If you’re looking for a trainer, just go to my Contact Me page and send me an email:

And did I mention the Mini Monster Zombie Run?  So, I decided to sponsor an obstacle course fundraiser for my kids’ school and have been meeting with local businesses to get 10 corporate sponsors, working with the school coach to create a 1/2 mile course filled with fun Halloween-themed things to climb over, under, around and through, and am tracking down responsible high school volunteers because we’re looking for a few good zombies.  Whew!

Robin Johnson teaching kids to flip tires at Conquer Fitness
Robin Johnson teaching kids to flip tires at Conquer Fitness

‘But, Lisa,’ you ask, ‘How did you get in charge of this fundraiser?’  My answer is simple:  This is why I should not drink beer when I’m sitting next to a PTO mom at a birthday party.  Some people drink too much and post goofy pictures online; I volunteer to put on school fundraisers.

OK, so what did we learn from this post today?


  • You can have a BMI of 25 and still look awesome.  (Check out the Dr. Oz Show next week for details!)
  • My website is back up and running
  • If you really want me to do something for you, offer me beer.  I’m accepting clients now, so please email me if you’re looking for a trainer

Have a happy Hump Day!

Be healthy!

Lisa 😉

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