Sports Model T-Walk and Next Show

Happy Labor Day everyone! And since I had a leg day workout this morning, each time I sit, stand or walk it’s labor for me. (And that’s before DOMS sets in…)

Anyway, I wanted to show you a video clip of my T-walk from the Sports Model competition. This was the first time I ever tried something like this. It consisted of an individual T-walk, followed by a minute speech about who you are and what fitness means to you and then comparisons with the other contestants.

For the outfit you were supposed to wear some sort of sports-themed attire, whether that’s workout clothes or something more of a costume.  Well, you know I had to go for the costume! I love The Hunger Games and how strong Katniss looked with her bow and arrow (archery is a sport!) and my favorite book/TV character of all time is Daenerys from Game of Thrones (WHERE ARE MY DRAGONS?!?) so I had to combine the two.

Love my Game of Thrones hair don by @kasandramua
Love my Game of Thrones hair don by @kasandramua

The T-walk was supposed to have five points with 180 degree turns at each spot, but the morning of prejudging they cut all the back poses but the last one, so that threw me off a little. I should have expected it though, because 9 out of 10 competitions I’ve done they cut the women’s posing time. (They never seem to cut the men’s posing times though….)

Anyway, here’s the clip:

I had a lot of fun trying something new, and if nothing else I have a really cool Halloween costume, but now I’m ready to focus back on the bikini division.


This coming weekend I will be competing back in the Naturally Fit Federation (the same federation as The Shredder) at the Poseidon competition in Gaveston, TX.

I’ve had competitions close together before (5 weeks apart) but this is the first time I literally will do back-to-back shows where peak “week” turns into peak “half a month of carb-depleting craziness.”

Normally I celebrate the conclusion of a show with a giant cheat meal, which honestly turns into a cheat week. Last Saturday night my cheat meal was 6 oz. steak, ½ cup rice, a large salad without dressing and ½ a dessert. No alcohol, no bread, no butter. (The dessert was worth it though! If it wasn’t such a nice restaurant I would have licked the plate.)

RIP brownie with vanilla ice cream
RIP brownie with vanilla ice cream

The next day was right back to white fish and salad and two-a-day cardio sessions. Surprisingly, it hasn’t been as difficult as I thought it would be. I guess I’m getting used to delayed carbohydrate gratification.

Speaking of delays, my kids were too young to take to my other competitions, but this time around I think they will be able to sit still long enough, so they are seeing their first bodybuilding show next week. I’m hoping that my six-year-old won’t be too squirmy in the seats!

My kids keep saying they want to see me win a trophy and I told them I will do my best. You never know who’s going to show up and pose next to you, but I feel good with the show prep I’ve done this time around. I really stuck with the meal plan (even on vacation) and have given my full effort to my workouts, so no matter where I place I feel proud that I’ve done my best.

How about you? Are you training for a competition or event? Are you giving it your best?

Be healthy,

Lisa 🙂

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