7 Secrets I Learned from Bodybuilding

For those of you who are new to my blog (hi, by the way!) you might be thinking that I’ve been bodybuilding forever.  Actually, I only started three years ago, when I entered my first bodybuilding competition in a desperate attempt to drop 50 lbs. before my 20th high school reunion.

Long story short, I lost the weight, changed my entire lifestyle and have been bodybuilding and blogging about it ever since.  After going through my first competition prep (sometimes called ‘show prep’) I felt like someone had handed me the secret keys to unlocking a stronger, more confident woman…who also felt good in a bikini.  Those are some powerful keys!

My before and after pictures
My before and after pictures

When you have a secret, you have a choice: keep the secret to yourself or share it with someone to empower them.  I choose empowerment, because I know how long and hard I struggled with my own weight – the yo-yo diets, feeling bad about my body, losing hope – and if I can help someone avoid my mistakes then that makes me feel good.  So it’s a win-win.

That said, I could give you all the keys at once, but where’s the fun in that, right?  So, in honor of peak week (the week before a bodybuilding competition where your physique makes the most significant changes) I will be blogging one secret per day.  (Plus if I told you everything at once, you’d forget like half of it, right?)

7 Secrets I Learned from Bodybuilding

7 Keys to Fitness
7 Keys to Fitness
  1. Mental Tricks to Get You Past the Point of Quitting

  2. Finding Balance

  3. Overcoming Fear

  4. Build a Better Booty Workout

  5. It’s OK to Be Sexy (and a Mom)

  6. The Secret to Being Slim

  7. Giving Back

The first topic will be tomorrow (Sunday) and will continue through Saturday, the day of my competition.  These are topics I hope you will find useful and helpful.  A lot of these areas I still have to work on myself, pretty much every day.  Fitness is like that; it’s a journey, not a destination.  Just because you’ve lost your extra weight or brought home a trophy doesn’t mean you can revert back to your old, unhealthy ways.  It’s a lifestyle, one that I struggle with but wholeheartedly embrace because it changed my life and made me so much happier.

I hope they will make you happier and healthier too!

Lisa 😉

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