Life is Short. Wear Cute Clothes.

My girlfriends and I have been talking about clothes shopping recently.  We all had special events to go to (a fancy dinner, a cocktail party, a work event) and none of us wanted to buy a new dress, even though the dresses in our closets were about ten years old and out of style.

We each had different body types and all of us had some negative speak (I’m not pretty, this is too tight, am I too old for this look now?) going through our heads when we tried on clothes.  Does this sound familiar to you?

The same goes for gym fashion.  That’s why I’m so honored that the clothing line Shine Athletica has selected me as one of their sponsored athletes.


Shine Athletica is different because the goal of their fitness wear is to empower women and make them feel good about themselves.

Each tank top, yoga pants and booty shorts has something motivational written on it, so not only do you look good but you feel good wearing it.

They have clothes geared towards runners, Crossfit enthusiasts and yoga practitioners.  And I get to represent their strength training brand.  I can’t wait to show you the cool clothes they sent me!  I’ll be posting them on Instagram (@lisatraugott) during my final weeks of competition prep.

She is Strong tank top and LOVE booty shorts
She is Strong tank top and LOVE booty shorts

It’s also affordable for us fit mamas on a budget.  Some other retailers (you know who they are) charge over $110 for leggings.  Shine Athletica’s leggings are around the $50 price point and are made from excellent quality material.

I hope you’ll check out their fitness clothes and love them as much as I do.  Because if you’re making the effort to care for body you should reward your body with cute, inspired, affordable clothes.

Lisa 😉

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