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Schadenfreude, according to Wikipedia, is a German word (of course it comes from Germany) and is the feeling of happiness derived by another’s misery, similar to the English word “gloat.”  It’s literal translation is “harm-joy.”

By Roger Hergamo
By Roger Hargreaves

And while expressing joy at another’s harm sounds really, really bad, I believe a better sounding word to use is karma.  (See, doesn’t that sound more positive?)

Remember how I’ve written on numerous occasions about the punishing leg day workouts my trainer, Robin, likes to bestow on me that render me unable to walk without ice packs, Epsom salt baths and applying IcyHot to my legs like it was moisturizer, to the point where I created a special hashtag called #IHateRobin?

And remember how my husband, Henri, likes to say sympathetic things to me like, “Suck it up, soldier” and then videotape me trying to walk up the stairs and fail?

Well paybacks are a bitch.  Hee hee hee!

‘Cause guess who started training with my trainer last week?  Oh, that would be Henri.  And guess who couldn’t walk the next three days?  Oh that would be Henri too.

Showing off his guns
Showing off his guns

“How was leg day, sweetie,” I asked.

“I was going to pretend that it was nothing, but even I can’t pull it off.  Oh, God, when will I be able to walk again?” he asked falling into the bed.

“In about three days from now.  Ha!  Suck it up, soldier!”

But wait, it gets better.

Henri was supposed to meet with Robin the other day, but Robin cancelled the last minute.  That’s not like him at all.  Especially since he’s in show prep right now for the same competition I’m doing in September.

When I showed up for my session a day or two later I asked, “Were you sick, Robin?”

“No,” he grumbled.  “It’s just stupid.”

“What is it?” (He never acts like this.)  We head over to the leg press, because even though today is supposed to be back day, every day is leg day when you’re a bikini competitor and are trying to get a rounded booty.

“Well, I did legs the other day and my workout partner was trying to prove he was stronger than me, so of course I had to show him up, so I added more weight, and…neither one of us could barely get out of bed yesterday our legs were so sore.”

“HA!  You finally got a taste of your own workout!  Now you have to write #IHateMyself!”

He did not find the situation nearly as funny as I did.  I could barely keep the press up, I was laughing so hard.

“You shouldn’t laugh at your trainer when you haven’t finished your set yet,” he said adding more weight.


But I don’t care about my own leg pain.  This has been the best extended laugh I’ve had all week!

And, I’m actually really proud of my husband for hanging in there. Robin’s catchphrase has always been, “You’ll hate me today but love me on show day.”  He’s right.  #NoPainNoGain

(But I’m totally enjoying their pain!  #karma!)

Lisa 😉

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  1. Lisa,
    This is absolutely Hilarious!!!!! I love your blog, your response to Henri, your approach to challenges, your humor, Robin’s responses, and YOU!!!! You are responsible for providing the most consistent laughter in my day! Bless you my friend!!!!

    1. Aw, thanks! I love reading your responses. (And I’ll bet (deep down inside) you kind of enjoyed watching Robin limp a little…hee hee!)

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