Showing off our guns
Showing off our guns

The competition:  Whoever makes the most biceps gains during the month of June wins.

The competitors:

In this corner, you have me, writer of this totally awesome blog (ranked #1 in the “5 Austin Fitness Bloggers You Need to Read Now!”)  Backstory:  I took a month off training when my mother went into hospice/passed away, so I was feeling kind of weak.  I also put on 10 lbs., but that’s another blog post.  Goals:  Lose weight/gain muscle

Starting measurement: lisa-bicep-start

Ending measurement: Lisa-bicep-measurement-after (2)

Gains: 1/2″

Weight lost: 6 lbs.

And in this corner, you have Obidia.  Backstory: She took off a year from strength training to focus on her baby boy.  At the start of the month she felt tired and weak from inconsistent gym time. Goals: Gain back lost muscle mass and lose a little midsection weight.

Starting measurement:obidia-before-bicep-measurement

Ending measurement:obidia-after

Gains: 1″

Weight lost: 3 lbs.

And the winner is:  Obidia!

"I'm gunning for you"
“I’m gunning for you”

Congratulations, Obidia!  You did a great job and earned your bragging rights.

To celebrate her victory I’m treating her to the Magic Mike pole dance class/movie extravaganza sponsored by Bon Bon Barre.

Even though I lost the competition, I feel like I kind of won too.  Growing 1/2″ muscle in such a short period of time is pretty cool in my book, and I lost 60% of the mourning weight.  (Side note:  Why is it totally easy to GAIN ten pounds in a month but LOSING those same ten pounds takes longer?)  Anyway, I’m that much closer to a better starting physique for my next bodybuilding competition.

Special thanks to our trainer, Robin Johnson Jr., who has again proven a) his mad skills as a trainer and, b) his overwhelming patience dealing with crazy Type-A clients.

How about you?  It’s a new month.  What are you going to strive for and accomplish?

Lisa 😉

Lisa Traugott is a Mom’s Choice Award winning writer, fitness blogger, wife and mom of two.  Her book, “She’s Losing It!”  is available at Amazon.com.High Resolution Front Cover.4837209

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