Attention Protein Shake Lovers

Attention protein shake lovers:  I have a trendy new gadget right up your alley.  It’s called


Basically it allows you to hold your supplement powder of choice in the bottom container, keeping the water separate, so you can mix it up when you’re ready to fuel up.

Here’s how it works:

You put your supplement powder in the container fuelshaker-add-protein-powder

Press the agitator into the container to seal it shutfuelshaker-insert

Screw it into the bottom of the water bottlefuelshaker-bottomAdd waterwater-fuelshaker

Go to the gym.  Workout.  Get in beast mode.Lisa-She is Strong

Press the button on the bottom of the cup to release the powder and shake.  Tip:  hold the shaker upside down to let gravity help get all the powder out.


I’ll admit it:  Whenever I took creatine I used to keep the powder in one of my kids’ old sippy cups and the orange juice in another sippy cup.  Not only did this look really goofy (as all my friends can attest to) it was also a pain to hunt down both cups in the bottomless pit that is my gym bag.  Fuelshaker solves both problems for me.

Fuelshaker retails for $14.99 and comes in a variety of colors. I went with the Fuelshaker Ice Series in blue because I wanted to look cool at the gym for a change. 😉 They also sell extra fuelers (if you have to carry a variety of supplement powders as part of your fitness regimen.)

The latchable loop makes it easy to carry, it’s 100% BPA free and, since the bottom detaches, it’s easy to clean (and dishwasher safe).

Lisa 😉

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