New Fitness Goal

This is my new fitness goal:

My new motivation
My new motivation


Lisa, you say, what is a “pro card”?

All my bodybuilding competitions so far have been at the amateur level.  When you win first place, however, you qualify for your pro card, meaning you get to compete with other professional athletes.

Ohhhh…so…why do you want your pro card?

Callouts at Arnold Amateur
Callouts at Arnold Amateur

Aside from the major bragging rights and street cred on Instagram, it means I will get to compete for a reason other than fun:  cold hard cash.  Actually, though, the cash prize for the bikini division is like, $1,000, so I’m really doing it more for a major personal challenge to keep me motivated.  And the street cred.  I really want to gain some Instafriends.  (You can find me if you type in: LisaTraugott)

Jay Cutler!
Jay Cutler!  Pro bodybuilder and 4x Mr. Olympia winner

Okay, I’m with you.  What do you have to do to win first place?

Work my a** off.  Or, in this case, work to get my a** on.  The winners have J Lo booties and I’m a middle aged mom from the suburbs:  I have my work cut out for me.

Also, winning requires intense focus, determination and drive.  My trainer, Robin Johnson Jr., thinks I can do it.  I aim to prove him right.

My next competition is in five months.

Ever consider entering a bodybuilding competition?  Follow my posts and see if it’s something you might like to try.

Lisa at Texas Shredder - Sal Robles Photography
Lisa at Texas Shredder – Sal Robles Photography

Lisa 😉

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