First Callouts Prejudging!

OMG!  Was the first person called in 1st callouts for prejudging at the Texas Shredder!  Here is the picture my friend Cynthia took.

Texas Shredder - Masters
Texas Shredder – Masters

AHHH!!!!  Won’t know for sure until the night show, but I think I’m going home with some hardware tonight!


  • Henri, my husband, for being so supportive and reminding me to smile on stage.  Love you!
  • Robin Johnson, Jr. – Super Trainer extraordinaire #IHateRobin…but not today!
  • Dave Goodin – Posing Instructor extraordinaire
  • Liese Scott – Fabulous person who helped me tan and pump up
  • Serena Hicks – For helping me feel comfortable in heels #TeamBonBon
  • My kids, mom, family, friends and people following my blog.  You have all been so encouraging, and I am grateful!

Cross your fingers for tonight!

Lisa ;)

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4 thoughts on “First Callouts Prejudging!

  1. This is – and you look – AWESOME. I am proud beyond measure – you are OWNING your body and that crowd in those heels. Great job already. I can’t wait to find out where you place. (1st place in our hearts, obvi). xoxo Serena w/ Bon Bon Barre

    1. Thank you SO MUCH, Serena! You really helped me to get comfortable in my own body through dance. I can’t tell you how helpful working with you has been. THANK. YOU.

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