I Quit!

So sorry to vent, but it’s really a #ShesLosingIt moment.  This morning I had to drop off my husband at the airport at 4 a.m.  He will be working on our flip house for the next 10 days.  By the way, the Texas Shredder is in 10 days…so I’ll be taking care of both kids, my mom, and the business alone while also doing my final carb depletion.  So I’m already in a bad mood then I step on the scale and gained almost 2 lbs.!!!  I didn’t even cheat on my diet yesterday!  Why is the universe messing with me?

You know I have to send Robin (my trainer) my weight before each training session, so I’m dreading going in there and I get a text, “We need to talk.”

Great.  But then I just decided – I don’t want to talk.  I don’t want to do show prep.  I don’t want to do any of this any more.

I QUIT!!!!Quit

April Fools!  I’m not quitting 10 days before the show, duh! 😉  I also pulled the same joke on Robin this morning.  Ha!  I got him good!

My husband really did leave for 10 days to work on our flip house this morning, so that’s a bummer with the timing, but such is life.

Yes, I am definitely looking forward to Shredder because, honestly, I can’t wait to get a break from the restrictive diet!  I have already purchased my chocolate Easter bunny to be opened immediately after the show.  I purchased Peter Rabbit and Ima eat him ears first, then tail, ’cause that’s how I roll.peter-rabbit-chocolate-bunny

There are other goals that I’m getting excited about too, beyond bodybuilding and chocolate bunny consumption.  My next boxing lesson is this Saturday and it ties in with the pole dance I want to choreograph for July.  After the Shredder I’ll be able to start working on pole spins and inversions again.  (I couldn’t do any pole classes this month because I would be all bruised up, which wouldn’t look good when I’m standing on stage in a bikini competition.)

Also, in May I’ll be running the Spartan Race with my whole family.  I’d like to work on climbing a rope, which totally stumped me last year.  That cost me 30 burpees.  The other obstacle I failed was throwing a spear at a bull’s-eye in a haystack.  Not to brag, but my aim was so off I almost took out some spectators.

Throwing spears
Throwing spears

Anyway, how about you?  Did you pull an April Fool’s on anyone?  Do you have any fitness goals coming up?

Lisa ;)

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