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When you’re trying to lose weight, it can be a lonely process.  You’d think that changing your diet and adding some exercise into your life would only impact you, but it’s surprising how many people take notice.

Please don't look at me
Please don’t look at me

When I was training for my first bodybuilding competition and lost 50 lbs. in the process, a lot of unexpected emotions and questions popped up.  Like when people started to notice and compliment me (particularly men,) it really freaked me out and I ended up self-sabotaging myself and cheated on the diet.

I was uncomfortable being noticed.  I was afraid if I looked too fit women wouldn’t like me.  I felt very vulnerable.

That’s when I spoke to my friend, Regina, who told me to stop worrying what everyone said or thought and just focus on my own journey.  That calmed me down and I got back on track.

My friend, Regina, my husband, Henri, and Regina's husband, Payman
My friend, Regina, my husband, Henri, and Regina’s husband, Payman at my 40th birthday

Not everybody has a Regina in their life though.  Unfortunately, I’ve met a lot of people who have friends and boyfriends or husbands who bug them to eat pizza or tell them it’s stupid to exercise.  That’s where it helps to go to an online forum.

If you are person who is trying to get fit and wants a little support, you might want to check out SkinnyCorner.com.  They are an online support group where members (membership is free) offer each other advice and motivation.  Full disclosure here – my story was recently featured on their website, so I’m a bit biased!  But I have checked out (and commented) on some of their articles and liked what I saw.

Everyone needs support, whether it’s a kick in the butt or an attagirl, so don’t feel like you have to go through this process alone.  Call a friend, check out online support or send me a message – I’ll support you too 😉

How about you?  Do you go to online forums for advice or support?

Lisa ;)

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