Breathing Easier

Yesterday was just one of those days.  The Arnold Amateur is one week away and my bikini got lost in the mail.  There was a case number for it and everything.  I had to take my mom to the hospital on icy roads; they said she has to come back today to get the fluid on her lungs drained, and my kids neglected to tell me that they spilled milk on the bean bag…three days ago…so my entire house smelled like a protein fart.

Obviously I can’t do comfort food during show prep so I hit the gym.  Normally when I’m at the gym I know how to make myself invisible:  wear baggy sweats and my hair in a bun.  But I also know how to make myself noticed and yesterday was one of those days.

Outfit from
Outfit from

Yes, I was Angry Workout Woman.  I wore headphones so no one would talk to me, booty shorts and a tank top with my hair down and even put on lipstick, so there!  The weight section was filled with men and when I saw one guy put down a pair of 20 lbs., I deliberately picked up 22.5 lbs. and pumped out 15 reps of overhead presses.

After I did a good upper body workout I was no longer angry and did my cardio and listened to Let It Go from Frozen for like 40 minutes straight.  Yeah, that’s right.  I can switch from Tupac to Disney pretty quick.

Side note:  The other day I stumbled across this really good article about Pilates, you can read it here:  Busting Pilates Myths .  Anyway, it reminded me that I really feel so much better after I stretch.  So instead of just sitting in the sauna after my workout, I started doing Pilates moves.  Then I took it a step further and started practicing my flexibility stretches I did last year training for the fitness competition, with a full on split against the wall.  I had my eyes closed and was listening to Adele’s 21 (yes, I switched soundtracks again) and when I opened them the sauna was full of people looking at me and this one women gave me a thumbs up, which made me feel pretty good.

Straddle hold stretch
Straddle hold stretch

This morning my husband let me sleep in because he’s awesome and then went to the Post Office and waited as they checked all the storage rooms.  Guess what?  THEY FOUND MY BIKINI!!!  Crisis averted.

This afternoon we go back to the hospital to get the fluid drained off my mom’s lungs so she can breathe easier.  Guess we’re both breathing easier today!

How about you?  Do you go to the gym when you’re angry?

Lisa ;)

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2 thoughts on “Breathing Easier

  1. First, Glad you got through your day without comfort food. Good Job!! Also pleased that your mom will probably be feeling better after getting rid of excess fluid.
    In answer to your question, yes I have gone to the gym when feeling angry or frustrated at life. I find reading novels and walking on the treadmill or elliptical to be a good release. Sometimes I can also find some good smiles and even hugs to help the mood and attitude. It really does seem more effective than chocolate and ice cream and there isn’t that post eating feeling of guilt and more frustration.
    Good luck in the competition next week.

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